Citibank Doubles Conversions with Conductor

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"Conductor is extremely valuable for us. It gives us a better and more comprehensive understanding of our online performance. Our analytics give us metrics like visits and page views, but it’s Conductor that pulls that story together."

Steven Bush
VP of Search Marketing Citibank
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"One of the biggest challenges that we’ve had was making sure that we’re using the right keywords, the right terminology, the right content for the right product. And content mapping helped us with that. It’s enabled us to get qualified prospects engaged with Citi sooner, and get our brand and products top-of-mind."

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"Conductor consistently helps us proactively address changes in the market and opportunities on our site. Recently, our Conductor data alerted us to the fact that some of our keywords were ranking for multi-product pages that didn’t make sense from a customer or conversion perspective. Conductor helped us catch that issue quickly and combat any loss in traffic or acquisitions."

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