Citi's Success with Organic Marketing and Conductor

More and more, Citi finds that its most qualified prospects choose to engage with them through organic search. Customers who find Citi through organic search are 15% more likely to convert than any other online channel. Organic search is now a significant source for acquisition and revenue, and it delivers by far the greatest ROI of all marketing channels.

Thanks to Conductor, traffic to key product pages has increased year over year and credit card applications doubled year over year.

"Conductor Searchlight has become our centralized reporting platform for aligning international stakeholders around our global performance metrics."

Mandy Fredenhagen VP of Global Digital Marketing, Citibank

Conductor + Adobe Delivers a Comprehensive View of Customer Behavior Online

Citi powers its online strategy with two integrated technologies: Adobe Analytics and Conductor Searchlight.

With the Conductor and Adobe integration, Citi has a better and more comprehensive view of their web presence. They're able to tie together our Adobe metrics – like page views and conversion events – to Conductor insights including search visibility, rankings, and competitive opportunities.

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"Our Adobe and Conductor integration gives us a better and more comprehensive understanding of our online performance. Adobe gives us metrics like visits and page views, but it’s Conductor that pulls that story together."

Steven Bush VP of Search Marketing, Citibank

Getting the Right Customers to Convert with Content Mapping

Conductor’s Content Mapping technology enables Citi to actively focus on the online buyer’s journey and target specific customer personas with their site content.

Citi used Content Mapping to help launch their Citi Credit Knowledge Center, designed to help them reach the right customers earlier in their buyer’s journey, when they are seeking answers to general questions about credit. Along with using Content Mapping to guide their content creation, Conductor’s technology alerts the Citi team of potential losses.

With the Conductor + Adobe Analytics integration, Conductor ties Adobe’s page-level metrics like traffic and acquisitions to data about how different personas are finding (or have the potential to find) their content.

Together, the platforms give Citi’s team a nuanced understanding of what search terms they should use for what product to attract each specific customer persona.

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"One of the biggest challenges that we’ve had was making sure that we’re using the right keywords, the right terminology, the right content for the right product. And content mapping helped us with that. It’s enabled us to get qualified prospects engaged with Citi sooner, and get our brand and products top-of-mind."

Mandy Fredenhagen VP of Global Digital Marketing, Citibank