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How a Site Migration with Conductor Set Fully Up for Success in Uncertain Times

“It really shows the power of the website and the power of the migration. Now we're hitting conversion and daily revenue goals that we've never hit before.” - Andy Lightman

About Fully

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Fully makes and sells well-built office furniture that is designed to create a healthy, supportive workplace where everyone can feel and do their best.

The Challenge

While Fully’s fundamental goal is to help their customers find the right office furnishings to bring more movement into their work day, one of their top priorities is educating their customers around healthier work habits.

Their dated website, however, held them back from effectively building this deeply researched insightful content that would best represent their brand and be discoverable. Ben Oh, Vice President of Marketing, and Andy Lightman, Director of eCommerce knew a new site design alongside a graceful migration was in order, and they needed a partner to help.

In its redesign, we had a very complex configuration just in our product mix, alongside a higher-level thought leadership education component that we needed to program for. Between those two things, there were some really natural ways for us to partner with Conductor.

Ben Oh, Vice President of Marketing, Fully

They chose Conductor, a partner to help them think beyond the site migration, and help them prioritize creating valuable, discoverable content that would build their brand and connect with customers.

We have had a number of different relationships with different search-oriented partners. To various degrees they were helpful, but none of them were all encompassing. None of them felt like a long term strategic partner that would help us with a site migration all the way through an integrated content plan… We wanted to make sure that we had a partner that we could really trust who really wanted to understand our business and build the relationship with.

Ben Oh, Vice President of Marketing, Fully

The Solution

A Partnership for a Complex Site Migration

As a direct to consumer e-commerce business, the migration was transformational for the whole company, not just the website team.

We live and die by the search bar, so we know that SEO needs to be thought of upfront. That thread needs to carry all the way through the design process. In terms of our partnership with Conductor, that's really where we're feeling very blessed, grateful to have them as partners helping us navigate that aspect from the beginnings of the design process all the way through final implementation and launch.

Ben Oh, Vice President of Marketing, Fully

The success of the site migration was critical. Not only were they redesigning and replatforming, bringing on a new standalone European site, introducing HREF tags, and navigating a new e-commerce platform, but they were setting the foundation of their business for the future.

The Fully workplace solutions provide vast selection of features and options—from their customers’ desks to storage, chairs, accessories, monitors, arms, and more—they provide a bespoke offering that must work within a system. The configuration was complex.

The team had experienced and heard the horror stories of what could happen if a few things went wrong, but worked with the Conductor team through all of the requirements around the migration. As with any site migration, there are always going to be complexities that could jeopardize traffic, which is why proper planning is critical.

By working with the Conductor team through all of the nuanced, specific technical and content related requirements around the migration, we’re very grateful to have avoided the worst case scenario. Our search position remains very strong, and we’re now more effectively able to build upon that traffic. For so much to change and scale organizationally through the launch of our site AND for our search ranking to not skip a beat, that's a huge win for us.

Andy Lightman, Director of eCommerce, Fully

Attracting Customers with Educational Content

Throughout their site migration process, the Fully team was focused on creating valuable and educational content. They put the proper investment into research and execution of each of their pieces to ensure that they not only ranked organically, but that they provided value to their customers who were conducting their own research.

Whether it’s speaking to the true benefits of an adjustable height desk (aka Standing Desk), how chairs designed for active sitting (opens in a new tab) compare to those produced for “ergonomics” (opens in a new tab), or considerations for designing your home office (opens in a new tab), Fully wanted their site redesign to integrate this helpful content alongside more traditional product listings.

They worked with their Conductor team to understand how to optimize the pages on their site that would solve that exact problem for their customers. The Conductor team brainstormed creative ways to create content around their merchandise so that Fully could rank in order to educate and help their customers in a meaningful way.

Increasing Efficiency with Focus and Prioritization

While the Fully team was evaluating SEO solutions, such as Conductor, they were also contemplating bringing on someone focused on SEO full time.

It became apparent to us that by partnering with Conductor, we'd be able to far exceed one FTE's ability to contribute because we'd be leveraging all of the highly specialized expertise that's contained within Conductor and then be able to use that to help direct all of the various technical and content related initiatives that we have going on on the website right now. We view Conductor as another member of our team.

Andy Lightman, Director of eCommerce, Fully

With so many SEO initiatives, from local search to tackling head terms like “office furniture”, the team needed help with prioritization. With their time and effort a finite resource, they wondered, “what can we do that will give us the biggest bang for our buck?”.

Every step of the way we've had Conductor helping us keep focus on the right things to be focused on.

Andy Lightman, Director of eCommerce, Fully

The Results

The team was starting to see positive signs from all of their hard work pre-launch and the six weeks following the launch of their new site, then the stay at home orders due to COVID-19 were put into place. Almost overnight, the team saw a huge interest and demand for their products in a much more urgent consumer base.

increase in organic transactions
increase in organic sessions

It really shows the power of the website and the power of the migration. Now we're hitting conversion and daily revenue goals that we've never hit before.

Andy Lightman, Director of eCommerce, Fully

I can confidently say that if we'd been stuck with our old website through this pandemic rush, there's no way we could have shown up for our customers the way we have. I’m immensely proud of how we’ve responded, while also incredibly grateful for how we prepared.

Ben Oh, Vice President of Marketing, Fully
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