How giffgaff Increased SEO User Adoption with Conductor

Learn how giffgaff enabled SEO user adoption across the organisation with Conductor, and how that led to a 17% increase of conversion rates

17% increase in the conversion rate for giffgaff's phones category

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50+ stakeholders now use the Conductor Chrome Extension


Uxbridge, UK

Company Size

201 - 500


Mobile Telecommunications

"One of my jobs at giffgaff is to evangelise SEO to the rest of the organization and prove the long-term impact it has to ROI. Getting buy-in is crucial for a successful SEO program."

Hellen Benavides
Commerce Experience & SEO Lead giffgaff

"We were using another SEO tool prior to Conductor and it was hard to prove the value of SEO and show the impact of the optimisations to the rest of the organization. I had to work more hours to evangelize SEO internally. This was a big roadblock in getting buy-in."

Hellen Benavides
Commerce Experience & SEO Lead giffgaff

"The Conductor Chrome Extension is really easy to use by non-SEO teams. Having cross-functional teams using the extension contributed largely in achieving our goals."

Hellen Benavides
Commerce Experience & SEO Lead giffgaff

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