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How giffgaff Increased SEO User Adoption with Conductor

Learn how giffgaff enabled SEO user adoption across the organisation with Conductor, and how that led to a 17% increase of conversion rates

About Giffgaff

Uxbridge, UK
Company Size
< 1,000

Set up in 2009, UK-based mobile network giffgaff was built to be run by its members to offer greater flexibility and choice for mobile users. Today, giffgaff continues to provide affordable, flexible services through its goodybags, pay-as-you-go credit, and new and refurbished mobile phones.

The Challenge

The marketing team works hard to promote the giffgaff brand and extend its network to reach customers. Prior to partnering with Conductor, the team faced a roadblock—proving the value of SEO throughout the business. To ensure buy-in throughout the business, giffgaff needed a platform that could allow more cross-functional stakeholders access to all SEO and site content insights. The platform also needed to allow for multiple teams to collaborate as efficiently as possible.

One of my jobs at giffgaff is to evangelise SEO to the rest of the organization and prove the long-term impact it has to ROI. Getting buy-in is crucial for a successful SEO program.

Hellen Benavides, Commerce Experience & SEO Product Manager, Giffgaff (opens in a new tab)

The reason for the above challenges? The previous platform giffgaff used was not an enterprise organic marketing platform, so only a limited number of users could access it. Teams were unable to work cross-functionally and furthermore, unable to prove the value of SEO to higher-ups. On top of that, the platform was unable to provide any training or support to Hellen and the broader team.

We were using another SEO tool prior to Conductor and it was hard to prove the value of SEO and show the impact of the optimisations to the rest of the organization. I had to work more hours to evangelize SEO internally. This was a big roadblock in getting buy-in.

Hellen Benavides, Commerce Experience & SEO Product Manager, Giffgaff (opens in a new tab)

How Conductor Helped

The SEO team at giffgaff began receiving bi-weekly training on Conductor’s features led by Hellen with the support of our Customer Success team. These training sessions were hands-on and tailored to each team’s needs to ensure the best learning experience possible. The sessions focused on how to best use the platform and demystifying SEO to help unlock higher adoption of the platform throughout the organization.

One of the stand-out features was our Conductor Chrome Extension, which enabled more users access to the SEO insights giffgaff needed across all website pages. With the Chrome Extension in place, there was no limit to the number of users who could access the latest insights, which included easy to access on-page SEO points.

The Conductor Chrome Extension is really easy to use by non-SEO teams. Having cross-functional teams using the extension contributed largely in achieving our goals.

Hellen Benavides, Commerce Experience & SEO Product Manager, Giffgaff (opens in a new tab)

Now that the giffgaff team could work cross-functionally, using the Conductor platform, they could also identify keyword cannibalization issues impacting their website rankings.

The Results

With Conductor, the giffgaff team saw higher platform user adoption (compared to their previous solution), received holistic reporting, and earned buy-in from internal stakeholders to prioritize technical SEO and content optimisations.

Using the Chrome Extension , 50+ team members could now get hands-on experience and play a direct role in the organic marketing process. By using the platform consistently, internal stakeholders better understood the value of SEO, along with team members who received bi-weekly training.

Additionally, Hellen performed a series of phone search experience usability tests, which helped her and her team spot what content and experiences needed to be optimised. The results helped giffgaff to improve its customer experience, content, and technical SEO at the same time, driving not only conversion rate improvements, but also traffic and rankings growth.

As a result of their focus on improving content related to refurbished phones, the giffgaff team saw a 17% increase in the conversion rate for its refurbished phones.

increase in conversion rate for refurbished phones

When giffgaff first began working with Conductor, it had just under 30% of market share—this includes all branded and non-branded keywords—compared to competitors. After partnering with Conductor, it now holds nearly 50% of the market share of those keywords. We’re excited to continue our partnership with giffgaff to drive even more organic traffic to its website through a fully realized content/SEO strategy supported by our organic marketing platform.

point increase in market share
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