How Data Drives Our Customer-First Content – Q&A with JanSport

JanSport is the original backpack and outdoor gear brand, founded in 1967. Owned by the VF corporation, JanSport is one of the world’s largest apparel companies.

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Jansport Researching Digital Bags Audience Intent in Conductor's Explorer Feature
Jansport MSV Keyword Research Helped Increase Potential Audience Size

"Conductor has helped us spot those opportunities and provided the analytical backup to make the case internally. With insights from Conductor, I was able to show our senior management that we were leaving money on the table. That got attention and buy-in throughout our organization."

"I love logging in to Conductor… everything I could possibly want to look at is there, and it’s easy to build a report to look at things side-by-side. That context is critical for making good decisions in digital marketing."

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