Customer Story: John Hancock

The 155-Year-Old Firm with a Cutting-Edge Content Strategy

Chris Link, Creative Director: John Hancock Investments, we’re an asset manager, and we operate with this unique approach in the industry. We develop funds and then go out and find the best asset manager or portfolio teams to manage those funds. What that does is it lets us be really good at a lot of different things. And we can have the best in alternatives, the best in fixed equity, the best in incomes. So this was a deliberate decision of ours to operate in this way. Our goal in marketing is to be helpful to those financial advisors. And that means developing content that they want, and that they need, so that they can share it with their end clients and have more successful relationships. Jay Wightman, Head of Digital Experience: We look at the majority of the content we create as value-add to our customer. Whether it’s providing content that helps them facilitate conversations with their customers, or whether it’s creating thought leadership that helps them think differently about the markets, or look at specific investment vehicles that maybe they hadn’t thought about in their portfolio, and how they can solve different investor problems. Working along with the folks at Conductor, and trying to understand: when somebody is in the journey to make a decision on a specific product, what are they searching for at top of funnel? What are they searching for at bottom of funnel? And how can we align the content that we have to meet them where they are, and where they have those needs? Our editorial group — we have a strong editorial team — they love the challenge of being able to see what folks are looking for, and the questions that they have, and being able to create really engaging, great content that meets that customer need.

"Conductor helps us understand where customers are in their purchase journey. It shows us what people search for from the top to the bottom of our funnel, and how we can align our content to meet them where they are."

Jay Wightman

Head of Digital Experience



In its 155-year history, John Hancock Investments has dedicated itself to helping customers meet their financial goals. Today, the firm manages more than $135 billion in assets with its unique, multimanager approach to investment.

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