Within five months of adding Conductor to their marketing stack, Madison Reed’s blog performance increased by:

  • +159% traffic
  • +120% revenue
  • +76% organic traffic
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Madison Reed’s blog drives the majority of their site’s organic traffic, but conversion rates were low. SEO Manager Matthew Rogers brought Conductor Searchlight on board to improve traffic and transactions for their top-performing channel.

"The Madison Reed blog attracts a large audience of people who are looking for answers to hair-care questions. Since it’s where most consumers first encounter our brand, we knew there was huge opportunity to grow traffic and conversions."

Matthew Rogers SEO/SEM Manager,


The Madison Reed team restructured their blog around high-volume keyword clusters that they discover, manage, and measure in Conductor Searchlight. Along with optimizing existing content to be more easily found by searchers, they created new content around high-demand search terms.

"Through the power of Conductor, I was able to figure out where our opportunities were to drive growth. We know exactly where to focus: I can quickly drill down into our traffic and revenue and know what to do to improve it."


Within five months of adding Conductor to their marketing stack, Madison Reed has increased blog sessions by 83%, increased transactions by 113%, and increased organic traffic by 76%.

"I’m sincere when I say that without Conductor, I would feel like I’m under a rock. It gives me visibility into what’s driving our gains and drops, what our competition is doing, and where our opportunities are. With Conductor, we can do all that at scale, and efficiently."

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