Overland Increases Revenue 5x with Conductor

Overland is a classic luxury brand, selling fine sheepskin and leather, founded in 1973. Over 45 years, 16 stores, and one thriving web business later, Overland continues to flourish. Their product line has grown from a handful of sheepskin coats to over 1,000 styles of quality sheepskin, leather, and fur products all with the Overland stamp of excellence.

5x overall revenue growth

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45% increase in revenue from organic search


Fairfield, IA



Overland redesign project homepage

"That’s why we use Conductor to test all of our changes, making sure we’re not only protecting Overland’s organic authority, we’re improving it."

David Sinton
Managing Partner Big Tree Marketing


overall revenue growth


increase in revenue from organic search

"When we focused on link building, we used Conductor’s platform to research competitors and learn from their successes. If we worked on a social media campaign, we used Conductor to understand what landing pages we would get the most impact from improving. If we were focused on a conversion rate optimization relaunch of a page, we make an annotation in Conductor to track that impact. Conductor’s value goes beyond SEO for us. It has absolutely been worth the investment."

"Conductor’s technology been a huge part of helping our clients understand what we’re focused on and why. Ultimately, we’re able to show them how much money they’re making from organic, and that really speaks for itself. Our clients have been thrilled with the results."

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