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Customer Success Story Increases Organic Conversions 1065% with Conductor

With content and Conductor's SEO Platform, was able to drive organic conversions by 1065%. Take a look at their winning strategy.


Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Company Size
< 1,000

With over 50 years in snow business, is the authority on mountain-specific vacation packages in North America.

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The Challenge focuses the majority of its budget on late-stage advertising for its wide array of portfolio sites. To widen their funnel and drive growth, the team needed to increase qualified, organic traffic at the top of their marketing funnel.

We spend the majority of our budget on the bottom of the funnel. Organic traffic enables us to cast a wider net, introducing our brand to people who may not be shopping at the moment, but who come back to us when they’re ready to buy.

Dan Sherman, CMO, (opens in a new tab)

The Solution’s team focused on improving visibility and adding prominent calls-to-action on a large number of new and existing pages. Through Conductor's Organic Marketing Platform, was able to identify content gaps and opportunities, which enabled their small team to make big gains through high-impact content creation and optimization.

We use Conductor's SEO Platform to fill the top of our funnel and to identify opportunities to get more qualified traffic.

Dan Sherman, CMO, (opens in a new tab)
increase in conversions
increase in organic conversions

Conductor is a clearing house for information about our market—from content strategy and competition to consumer demand. And Conductor’s Insight Stream takes all that data and shows me exactly what I need to focus on, and how I can make a difference in the shortest amount of time.

Leah Boucher, Director of SEO + Content, (opens in a new tab)

The Conductor Integration with Lumar

Along with Conductor’s core content and SEO platform, uses Conductor’s Lumar integration to monitor site health.

“As soon as we set up our Lumar integration, we found about 3,000 duplicate pages caused by an HTTPS issue. Essentially, we discovered a secure version of the site that was ranking simultaneously with the non-secure version.

Our team was able to move quickly and resolve the issue before our rankings started to decline.

With the Conductor platform and Lumar integration, I’m able to see the full picture of our sites all in one platform. It saves me time and saves the company money.”

– Leah Boucher, Director of SEO + Content,

The Results

By creating content qualified prospects were actively searching for, increased traffic by 84%, increased organic traffic by 66%, and increased conversions from organic traffic—by 1,065%.

With most marketing technology, the salesperson talks a big game… but after you get sent off to onboarding, you’re on your own. Conductor couldn’t be more different. Along with providing great technology that has had a meaningful impact on our business, Conductor has been a great partner over the years. They genuinely care about our success.

Dan Sherman, CMO, (opens in a new tab)

Are you looking to identify and target gaps in your content? Find out how Conductor can help.

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