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Bright Future: Solstice Sunglasses Sees 72% Increase in Revenue from Online Sales in Just 8 Months

Solstice Sunglasses offers a unique retail experience for consumers looking for luxury, designer, and sport sunglasses—with the service and style to match.

About Solstice Sunglasses

Secaucus, NJ
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Luxury retailer Solstice Sunglasses offers iconic sunglasses from Fendi and Givenchy to Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford at its brick-and-mortar locations, as well as online.

The Challenge

Up until June 2018, Solstice Sunglasses' digital presence was JavaScript-heavy. That made it difficult for Google to crawl their website, ultimately hurting their rankings—and traffic.

So, in an effort to make more HTML-friendly, the company redesigned the site twice in eight months.

We had to start from scratch both instances. We had to go in and create content for each category page.

Vincent Totino, Senior Manager, SEO/SEM, Solstice Sunglasses

Faced with the daunting task of optimizing a redesigned site with thousands of URLs for its many products, the company sought a partner that would empower them to understand competitors’ strategies and monitor how visitors and search engines were interacting with the new version of the site.

The Solution

Solstice Sunglasses partnered with Conductor to make sure its revamped digital presence would make the maximum possible impact in the market. With Conductor, Solstice discovered new opportunities for its product description pages and content to move up the SERP and rank higher.

Conductor helps me see how my market share moves up and down for particular categories, whether it be Solstice Sunglasses by itself or some of the brands we carry

Vincent Totino, Senior Manager, SEO/SEM, Solstice Sunglasses

Conductor’ SEO Platform technical integrations, like Lumar and Google Analytics, helped get their site in tip-top technical shape and eliminate problems that were causing pages on the site to underperform on Google.

Conductor’s Lumar integration allowed me to look at items or pages that either weren’t indexing, had very little content or no content whatsoever, or had duplicate meta descriptions or titles.Then I made changes so each individual title was set for every individual URL, helping us move our content up in the rankings and making sure the whole site was more accessible to Google.

Vincent Totino, Senior Manager, SEO/SEM, Solstice Sunglasses

The insights Conductor delivered didn’t just shape Solstice’s online strategy; they also informed the company’s approach to its physical stores.

How do we understand how the customer’s shopping, whether they’re on their phone or desktop and/or transacting in store? The data from Conductor's SEO Platform drives those digital efforts that are not only impacting what we do online, but what we do to drive store business as well.

Monica Swendsrud, Marketing Director, Solstice Sunglasses

The self-described “small but mighty” marketing team at Solstice received additional support via their dedicated Conductor managed services team and round-the-clock in-app support.

If I have a question, I can send an email to Jay or Shiza on our dedicated Conductor team, and they’re on the phone with me or send me an email almost instantaneously.

Vincent Totino, Senior Manager, SEO/SEM, Solstice Sunglasses

The Results

By creating more search engine-friendly URLs and product description pages, as well as weaving in keywords that its target audience was searching for, Solstice Sunglasses drove increases in rankings, traffic, and revenue. From April 2018 to April 2019, Solstice’s page-one rankings rose by 168%.

page-one rankings

And as Solstice’s content climbed the SERPs, the company welcomed more and more visitors to its site, with traffic rising 66% over an eight-month period. Even better, these visitors were not just visiting a single page, instead viewing more pages per session on average.


But quantity isn’t the only measure by which to judge performance. Quality matters as well—and the new visitors to Solstice’s site were far more interested in buying their products than ever before.

All the traffic now that we have coming to the site is relevant traffic that actually wants to buy. I think that’s a monumental accomplishment

Monica Swendsrud, Marketing Director, Solstice Sunglasses

The biggest result: Revenue per online visit to Solstice Sunglasses has jumped 101% since the retailer began working with Conductor.

Revenue per online visit

Evangelizing SEO and SEM, the easiest way to do that is through results. And we’ve shown that what we’ve done with Conductor has gained a foothold in this space.

Vincent Totino, Senior Manager, SEO/SEM, Solstice Sunglasses
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