Our mission to build a diverse and inclusive workplace

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Conductor’s goal is to create an inclusive culture where Conductors of all backgrounds and abilities feel they belong. We’re on a journey to become the diverse and inclusive company our customers, partners, and employees deserve because only then will we be able to realize our mission, maximize our impact, and achieve long-term success.

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While there is still a great amount of work to be done, we’re championing DE&I and investing in equity with an emphasis on four strategic pillars:

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Equity for all

Ensuring our processes, policies and practices drive equitable outcomes.

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Career advancement

Increasing representation and inclusion across all levels.

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Workforce training

Advancing our culture of inclusion across all levels.

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Giving Conductors a voice

Fostering a sense of belonging and space for discussion and dialogue.

2021 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report

In 2021, we published our first semi-annual DE&I report. Although we wish we did this sooner, this report is an important step in providing transparency and holding ourselves accountable.

The report provides detail about our progress on DE&I to date at Conductor and how we’re planning to increase it to foster a community of belonging.

Download the report
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"Conductor has always had a unique culture and its our top priority to continue this legacy and push ourselves to be a leader in representing and celebrating diversity. This is a place where people come to live their authentic selves and grow as individuals."
Irene DeNigris
Chief People Officer

Conductor Resource Groups

Conductor Resource Groups (CRGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups made up of individuals who come together based on common interests, backgrounds or demographic factors such as gender, race or ethnicity to propel inclusion in our culture. Our current groups include:


The Women of Conductor Employee Resource Group’s main mission is to create an inclusive, supportive and inspiring environment for members. Our initiatives are driven by our core tenets of education, connections, and advocacy.

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“The Women of Conductor resource group aims to make an impact at our organization by advancing women in the workplace and equality for all! Our goals are to celebrate achievements by women, support personal and professional development, and advocate for women’s rights. By creating a safe space for sharing topics of interest, we foster a place for conversation and hope to contribute to the change we hope to see for women!”

Stephanie Koziol and Nadege Chaffaut, Co-Chairs, Women of Conductor


Support LGBTQIA+ Conductors, foster allyship and awareness, and make an impact in our community.

Pride @ Conductor


“The Conductor Resource Groups are making an impact, both within our company and our broader communities! PRIDE at Conductor’s goal is to continue to build the absolute safest and most inclusive workplace for LGBTQIA+ where we can grow and thrive.”

AJ Kieffer, Chair, PRIDE at Conductor


Our mission is to foster an inclusive environment of diversity, raise awareness/visibility to issues around race, and inspire positive change both at Conductor and our communities at large.

Champions Of Color @ Conductor


“The Champions of Color Resource Group is a great way to have employees take part in evolving the company culture and the surrounding community to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive with respect to race. Our goal is to have people of differing backgrounds contribute to the success of the company, to be armed with the knowledge, tools and skills to thrive while feeling comfortable to show up everyday as their authentic selves!”

Dan Williams, Chair, Champions of Color at Conductor


Our mission is to create an inclusive environment that raises awareness on issues facing the AAPI community, and provide opportunities to affect positive change both at Conductor and the AAPI community at large

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“The AAPI resource group is a place for employees to learn more about AAPI culture and community. Our goal is to foster a safe and inclusive environment for Conductors and to affect positive change both at Conductor and in our community at large!”

Jessie Xu, Co-Chair, AAPI @ Conductor

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