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April 2022: We All Have to Move to Google Analytics 4

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At the end of March, Google rolled out yet another iteration of its product reviews update and it was a doozy. Pat also dives into a very hot topic, why we all have to unfortunately move to Google Analytics 4 and you will not want to miss his thoughts on this. In this month's edition of 30I30 Pat also shares a VIP promo code to Conductor's upcoming C3 conference, the organic marketing event of the year. Want to know the code? You'll just have to watch to find out.

Topics covered in this month's 30I30:

  • March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update: What We’re Seeing & Hearing
  • Update From Last Month: The Googs Is Shutting Down The URL Parameter Tool
  • Google Suggests Keeping Redirects Live For A Year When Moving A Domain
  • Unfortunately, We All Have To Move To Google Analytics 4
  • C3 Is Almost Here!
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