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April 2024: Reddit on the Rise

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As another month rolls by, anticipation builds for the forthcoming update. Join us as Pat shares insights on the March Core Update and its evolving impact across diverse industries.

In the realm of SEO, Reddit dominates discussions, it's omnipresence growing by the day. While this spells success for Reddit itself, Pat sees trouble brewing for everyone else. With its fervent community and rampant spam, breaking into the Reddit scene proves daunting.

Shifting gears to the AI landscape, there's buzz about Google potentially introducing charges for AI overviews. This significant shift comes with a hefty price tag, aligning with Google's strategic goals. However, there's a surprising twist: some are attempting to disable SGE, a move that's raising eyebrows within the SEO community. The tables are turning indeed!

This month, Pat covers -

  • The March Core Update Continues To Roll Out - What I’m Seeing & Hearing
  • Reddit’s Ascension In Google Results Is Pretty Crazy & IMO Problematic
  • Is Google Going To Charge For AI Overviews (SGE)? They Probably Should
  • This Month In SGE - Much To My Delight, People Are Trying To Turn Off AI Overviews (SGE)
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