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July 2023: Google's Sizzling Suprises

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Amidst the rising temperatures of July, Google's volatility is also on the upswing! Discover the reasons behind these record highs and explore steps to address them. But that's not all; brace yourself for a month full of exciting updates from Google, including a cutting-edge Perspectives filter, a resolution of their News indexing bug, and the departure of Buy On Google. And the icing on the cake, Pat received long-awaited confirmation straight from the Googs... and guess what? Word count is no longer a concern! It's high time we put an end to the controversy and while we're at it, bid farewell to the outdated concept of keyword density too!

This month Pat covers -

  • Google’s Volatility, Matching The Outside Temperature, Hits An All Time High
  • What The Hell Is INP & Why Is It Replacing FID?
  • Another SEO Truth Confirmed: Word Count Doesn’t Matter
  • Is The Googs Betting Bigger On Perspectives?
  • Google News Indexing Bug Fixed, Only Took 3 Weeks
  • RIP Buy On Google…On Google Search
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