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March 2024: Google's Updates Kickoff

  • On demand
  • 30|30 webinars
  • Virtual

Buckle up, folks! Google kicked off 2024 with some massive algorithm updates that are shaking up the digital world. These hefty updates aren't just making waves; they're taking their sweet time rolling out, leaving SEOs across various industries in a waiting period. In this webinar, Pat will provide insights into the effects these updates have had, specifically on the healthcare, retail, and finance sectors, based on his observations and feedback.

Additionally, Google has expanded its partnership with Reddit, potentially unlocking new opportunities for data integration and enhanced training capabilities. This could prove to be a valuable development for Google's search offerings moving forward.

Lastly, the much-anticipated SGE) will be discussed of course, although it appears the full rollout is still pending. Pat will share the latest updates on this front and what we can expect.

This month Pat covers -

  • March 2024 Core & Spam Updates - What I’m Seeing & Hearing So Far
  • Google Perspectives Changed To “Forums”
  • Google & Reddits Expanded Partnership
  • This Month In SGE
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