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How did the 2010 holiday season shape up for e-commerce sites? What were the significant trends in traffic distribution, and keyword traffic week over week? How do these findings compare with previous years? What can you do to translate these trends into actionable SEO strategies for your e-commerce site?

Nathan Safran, Senior Research Analyst and Search Marketing expert Brian McDowell present Conductor’s research on the 2010 Holiday Season. They review how successful the holiday season was for e-commerce sites, explore winning trends, and discuss SEO techniques for optimizing your own e-commerce search marketing efforts.

In this webinar you’ll see:

  • Online retail sales trends for 2010 compared to previous years
  • Data that reveals key traffic acquisition techniques the most successful e-commerce sites used
  • Key mobile visitor trends
  • The main themes of successful e-commerce sites

You’ll also learn SEO best practices for e-commerce sites, including:

  • Template optimization for dynamic content
  • Inventory control
  • Analytics segmentation and tracking
  • Link building for e-commerce
  • Product reviews

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Nathan Safran ConductorNathan Safran
Senior Research Analyst at Conductor

Nathan Safran is a Senior Research Analyst for Conductor, Inc, authoring insightful research on trends in the natural search industry. Since joining Conductor Nathan has published numerous studies including analysis of the natural search efforts of the Fortune 500, Internet Retailer 500 and several vertical specific studies. Prior to joining Conductor, Nathan was an Analyst at Forrester Research in their Consumer Product Strategy Group.
twitter: @conductor
Brian McDowell ConductorBrian McDowell
Search Marketing Analyst at Conductor

Brian McDowell is the Senior Marketing Analyst for Conductor, Inc, providing wealth of SEO best practices and knowledge. Brian provides invaluable insight and vision of delivering scalable SEO solutions and is an authority on natural search solutions. Prior to joining Conductor Brian was the Senior SEO manager at Red Ventures and an SEO Analyst and Architect for Lending Tree, LLC.
twitter: @conductor