The Conductor Searchlight and Adobe integration gives you a complete view of your online performance, providing insights around how to get more customers to your site, and how to convert them more consistently once they’re there.

Integrate Adobe Analytics with Conductor Searchlight

Video Transcript:

As a data-driven marketer, you rely on analytics for almost every decision you make. It’s the only way to examine how visitors are interacting with the content on your site.

Conductor is a step ahead of your analytics –  showing you how your content is performing before someone even makes it to your website. The insight into the way your content is being discovered by consumers is critical. You need to know more than what customers do once they’re on your website; you need to understand how and why they went there to begin with.

When you combine Adobe Analytics with Conductor Searchlight, you get a broader, more complete view of your content’s performance. You’re able to understand, and optimize performance across the entire buying journey.

Our Adobe Analytics Integration imports your most relevant traffic, conversion, and revenue metrics –  including custom events –  directly into Conductor Searchlight. Seeing all this information in one place provides a lot more than simple convenience. It enables you to truly tie together the value of organic marketing to business performance.

The insights from this powerful integration are delivered in a way your entire organization can understand. With everyone across departments and even across the globe aligned behind your content’s success, you’ll be able to collaborate better to focus on driving ROI.

All of this is done easily through Data Connectors, Adobe’s secure API that makes it possible to exchange data between partner applications and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Setup is just a matter of minutes – so you can begin to see the returns on your content investments right away.

When you combine the power of Adobe and Conductor, you’ll understand your customer, strengthen your content, and get found.