This report examines the Organic Share of Voice by industry for the 2016 winter holiday season, highlighting the brands that excelled at reaching consumers with valuable content.

This report covers five verticals: insurance, finance, real estate, travel and hospitality, and retail.

Not surprisingly, many of the top organic performers are large, established companies. However, many smaller brands and publishers perform well, indicating that it is the quality of the content rather than the size of the company or budget that determines organic share of voice performance.

Here’s a peek at what we discovered:

  • Insurance: Some of the top 10 insurance companies in the US are not top organic market share performers.
  • Finance: Content creators and publishers like NerdWallet and Wikipedia outperform industry giants like American Express and Visa.
  • Real Estate: Publishers like Bankrate, Money CNN and Wikipedia take a significant slice of top real estate market share.
  • Travel: Top performers in this category are dominated by travel aggregators.
  • Retail: A wide variety of brands share top market share for modifying search terms around material, target audience, and style.


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