Organic and Paid Search may not have always gotten along, but that’s what makes their love story all the more surprising. With modern marketing, paid and organic search are back together again, and that marriage has joint benefits for marketers like ourselves to enjoy.

Every marketer has an opinion when it comes to the efficacy of organic and paid search marketing. Each has advantages: paid search can get you in front of new audiences quickly, while organic search is vastly preferred by customers and draws in the lion’s share of clicks.

While most companies invest in both, marketers have to make daily decisions about where they invest their resources and time. So where should you focus?

The answer: focus on organic search, and then use those insights to improve your paid strategy. This webinar offers strategies for how to blend your paid and organic search strategies for true marketing synergy.

In this webinar, leading experts from Conductor and Acronym will discuss tips, tricks and technology that power true synergy across paid and organic search. You’ll learn:

  • The patented algorithm that recovers keyword data for 97% of your traffic
  • How to avoid Brand Cannibalism on Google
  • How to leverage paid performance to optimize SEO and vice versa
  • How companies save 42% in paid budget using a richer paid/organic data set

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