is the largest e-commerce retailer of window blinds and coverings in the world. They specialize in blinds, shades, & plantation shutters.

With Conductor’s SEO platform, has achieved:

  • Full, easy migration of all historical data
  • 30% lift in key product page group
  • Streamlined reporting and opportunity discovery processes


The Challenge knew it was time to make a change. They needed a more robust, centralized platform for SEO insights, optimization, and reporting.

That meant switching from their current enterprise SEO platform to Conductor — but would they lose years of historical data in the process? And how long would it take to ramp up on a new platform?

Brenna Glover, SEO Manager at, knew that their SEO process had to go uninterrupted. So she turned to the Conductor team for help.

“We needed greater visibility into our content performance. We needed a smoother, more consolidated SEO workflow. We needed to track keyword groups, individual keywords, rank impressions, clicks — Conductor makes all that easy.”

– Brenna Glover, SEO Manager,

The Solution was immediately able to export their historical data, integrating years of invaluable information into their new Conductor Searchlight account.

The team could access uninterrupted SEO insights from the beginning of their digital marketing history to the present day.

“We migrated thousands of keywords incredibly quickly.” said Glover. “It was painless. I’m super happy with the Conductor team.”

Additionally, experts on Conductor’s Audience Research Team built out an entire keyword strategy that was ready on day one — meaning Glover could hit the ground running.

Conductor Empowers to:

  • Create and optimize content that helps customers find solutions, make decisions, and meet their needs
  • Track content ROI with deep insights into organic performance
  • Report on content performance within and across teams, to any stakeholder

Learn how your brand can start gaining search visibility without losing historical data. Tour the Conductor SEO platform.