Nathan Safran ConductorLife In A World—Nathan Safran

Google no longer passes the search terms visitors used to get to your site…in some situations. So how can you know what’s working in your SEO efforts if the keywords are “not provided?” Conductor Senior Research Analyst Nathan Safran shows you the implications of this very recent Google change, plus tactics to help you adjust.

Seth BesmertnikSMX West—Search Marketing & Competitive AnalysisSeth Bestmertnik

It’s not enough to be brilliant with your own search marketing efforts. You also need to have an intimate understanding of your competitors—their keywords, optimization techniques, linking tactics, campaign management efforts—everything that they’re doing to enhance their own visibility and jostle you out of position. Let our CEO, Seth Bestmertnik, show you how relatively easy it is to give yourself an edge with the time-tested techniques of competitive intelligence.

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