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Change Tracking

Access the full history of your site’s changes

Quickly diagnose issues and mitigate risks with a complete audit trail of all website activity and changes–updated in real-time.
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Diagnose the root cause of any issue

Learn why changes occurred and quickly trace the origin with a complete changelog showing updates to page titles, meta descriptions, hreflang implementation, and everything else.

Enforce governance and maintain consistency

Manage content compliance by tracking every website change—seeing exactly when it was made and where—and ensure every contributor follows your protocols.

Dig deeper with on-demand snapshots

Explore the entire response payload for any change with HTTP request and response headers, response body, and rendered DOM snapshots instantly available. Easily troubleshoot the root cause of issues with just one click.

Measure your impact

Locate the cause of an issue, then track the impact your optimizations have on site performance to learn what works and where you can improve.

Get a time machine for robots.txt and more

A single robots.txt file mistake can drop your entire site from search engines. Protect traffic and revenue with immediate alerts when your file changes, and travel back in time to compare any file revision.

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