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Real-time Alerting

Detect critical changes before you’re impacted

Equip every team with always-on alerting systems that notify them the moment an important change occurs so they can take action.
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Catch and resolve issues fast

Get real-time alerts on every issue—like status code errors, stale content, and eCommerce problems—before your performance and revenue take a hit.

Get alerted in real-time (or whenever you need it)

Set up alerts synchronized with your team’s preferred cadence and priorities so you get the information you want at the pace you prefer.

Fine-tune alerts with total flexibility

Fully customize the scope, triggers, sensitivity level, and recipient for each alert, giving you complete control over every alert sent out and exactly who should receive them.

Delivered where you’re working

Set alerts for individual website sections, issue types, or roles, then choose the alerting channel that works for you. Notify website contributors in-app, by email, or through Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Mitigate risk with compliance alerts

Protect the #1 growth engine for your business—your website—with real-time alerts on any unauthorized changes or compliance issues that appear across every version of your site.

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