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Keyword rank tracking for every digital asset

Stay on top of your holistic digital visibility with unlimited keyword rank tracking across thousands of locations, global search engines, and device combinations.
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Rise to the top of the SERP and grow market share

Track the visibility of any and every digital asset, from domains to social media pages to Amazon listings on search engines. See your rankings in every market and any device to make sure you're meeting your customers where they are.
Digital Content Tracking
Understand your brand’s visibility in any way you define your digital presence—including your website’s domain, YouTube channel, Amazon pages, and more—across international markets and search engines like Baidu and Naver.
Keyword Tracking
Keep up with changing customer needs with unlimited keyword tracking, competitor tracking, and on-demand keyword research, and better drive quality traffic to your site.
Keyword Tracking
Easily identify opportunities on the ever-evolving SERP with smart filters and segments across locations, languages, devices, and result types with the leading rank-tracking technology.

I like that all of our keyword ranking analyses can be housed in one place for all of our sites. Using our local keyword report for each of the major cities in each market, we are truly able to quickly identify the opportunities in front of us and take action. We also use these reports to determine if our changes made an impact.

Kristal Audain, Product Manager, Groundworks (opens in a new tab)
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Competitor Research Tracking

Monitor your search engine position daily for any keyword across all locations, languages, and devices with the leading rank-tracking technology.
Define and track the visibility of all your digital content across social media, owned content, press coverage, and earned media on the Google SERP.
Find opportunities for content creation with the Result Types report.
Analyze your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and uncover opportunities to get ahead.

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