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Oleksandr Lytvyn

VP, Engineering

As the VP of Engineering at Conductor, Oleksandr leads the teams responsible for developing application reports, managing platform frameworks and libraries, building configuration and user management functionality, and leveraging AI/ML techniques to extract actionable and personalized recommendations from diverse data sets.

Since joining Conductor in 2014, Oleksandr has established teams in new European cities, provided technical leadership, and has led many different R&D technical and organizational initiatives.

Prior to Conductor, Oleksandr played a key role in building a top-ranking Ukrainian B2C platform, in developing a Mobile Virtual Operator Platform for a Silicon Valley-based start-up, in creating project management software for a US media translation company, and in constructing a document, case, and project management software for the European market.

Oleksandr holds a Master's degree in Electronics Engineering and has been actively engaged in the IT industry since 1998, focusing on software engineering and engineering leadership.

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