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Stop Living in This Marketing Fantasy (Your Customers Will Thank You)

Every marketer lives in this marketing fantasy: your customers hanging on every word of your TV ad. Treasuring your print ad. Clicking on your online ad.

While we know that the largest source of web traffic — over 60% — comes from organic search, most of the average marketing budget goes to paid media.

What’s evident is that many companies are off balance. They’re underinvested in organic and over-invested in paid.

At Conductor, we believe that this attitude is ultimately harmful for both our customers and our businesses. It keeps businesses focused too narrowly on interruption marketing rather than inbound marketing. Companies should earn their way into their customers’ conversation, not only trying to buy in. Earn a more substantial, more relevant and more loyal traffic.

We’re trying to help our customers take on something more difficult but more rewarding: a web presence that customers will seek out. A web presence that lessens its reliance on paid.

Stop reaching your customers in ways that wouldn’t work for you. Instead, learn about who your customers are and what they love. Meet them wherever they are in the buyer’s journey. Earn their trust.

Be a Smarter Marketer.

Be a Smarter Marketer: The TV Commercial

Be a Smarter Marketer: The Magazine Ad

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2 Responses to Stop Living in This Marketing Fantasy (Your Customers Will Thank You)

  1. Christopher Johnston says:

    Well to be fair, some people do watch the Superbowl for the commercials and some models and photographers collect print ads that they have appeared in. It is certainly a minuscule amount of the intended audience but it does happen.

  2. Ross Steiner says:

    Actually, to really be fair, the idea is to establish a pre-need presence in consumers minds, so that WHEN the family needs or wants that new dishwasher, breakfast cereal, or President for that matter—the groundwork in defining brand identity and expectations has already been set in the consumer’s mind; and then, yes, you do call the wife or hubby in to watch when the commercial for that new dishwasher, breakfast cereal, or President is on. Not understating the already strong and only getting stronger power of big data—just saying traditional media when, like any tool, is used correctly, the results are still there for retailers and service providers.

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