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Who is is a Netherlands based eCommerce site that began in the book business but has now expanded into film, music, toys, electronics, and just about everything else in between. Over 50% of online shoppers in the Netherlands and Belgium shop at You can read more about how they rank 9 million products here. has more than 80 product specialists responsible for creating the perfect product page along with a dedicated SEO and IT team.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page on which you arrive after clicking on a hyperlink. In marketing, a landing page is optimized to guide the consumer to achieve a specific action or result. Landing page optimization could be anything from answering a simple question or prompting the consumer to buy. We gathered some of’s best tips for making sure the right page appears at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

1. Collaborate across teams to create a better product description

At, the product specialist is responsible for creating all the content related to that particular commodity. This includes the description, product titles, and images.

The SEO group works very closely with these teams to ensure pages are ranking well on Google. achieves this by giving all product teams SEO training, access to reporting, and giving tips on how to create the most relevant product title.

2. Always have the right landing page for the right keywords discovered that when a consumer searched for the series “Breaking Bad,” they were directed to a specific season available for purchase on their site, not the series as a whole.

This is not ideal in the earlier stages of the buyer’s journey, so the team fixed the landing pages to bring the consumer to a page with all available seasons for purchase. According to at C3, “if someone searches for a laptop, we want to show the category page with all the laptops we have.”

3. Maximize your title tags began as a book selling site, but soon realized they did not rank when a consumer searched for a specific ISBN number. In fact, only 5% of books ranked on Page 1 of Google when searching for an ISBN number. They were able to fix this by adding ISBN numbers to the very end of their title tags. In one month, had 60% of its books rank on Page 1 of Google.

When a consumer is in the later stage of a buyer’s journey, it’s important to have their landing page be more product-specific twitter-icon. The best way to do this is to check your title tags and create a strong product description.

4. Create the best landing page at every stage of the buyer’s journey

As told us at C3, “We have the same goal, which is to create content for every stage of the customer journey.” This message rings true though the SEO, product, and IT teams.

There’s a big difference between a search for lawn care tips and a search to buy a lawnmower. The important thing is to ensure that your brand appears at all stages of this process, and that your landing pages are appropriate for each step twitter-icon. Title tags, product descriptions, and identifying your best keywords are all important details in ensuring you maximize the effect of your pages. seems to have a handle on this. They do have 5.5 million customers after all. discusses more about optimization and ranking their 10 million products on page one. Sign up for the webinar here.

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