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Ebook Tips: How We Generate 1,000 Leads Overnight

Back in March, when we were looking to release our business process automation ebook, we realized that all ebook tips and launch resources were riddled with products that smelled of the ‘90s.

After tinkering a little with the rest of the Process Street marketing team, we came up with a ebook strategy that generated 1,000 leads overnight and only continues to rake in extra traffic and leads with each passing day.

Whether you’ve put the work into your content strategy to make a killer ebook, or you’re just looking for a piece of content to generate a chunk of leads (hey, no judgement here), we have proven ebook tips to help you out:

  1. Contact relevant influencers
  2. Track everyone who shows interest
  3. Get feedback from them
  4. Email interested influencers the final link
  5. Send direct downloads and follow ups
  6. Use it as a content upgrade
  7. Submit to social bookmarking sites
  8. Use SEO to generate leads going forward

Now kick back, relax, and let me show you how to get the most bang for your book.

ebook tips checklist prelaunch


Your pre-launch checklist doesn’t need a lot of steps to yield serious results. And since the payoff from pre-launch efforts ends up being around 80% of your final total gains, it is absolutely vital to put in some legwork before launch day.

Luckily, we have a few easy ebook tips and a solid method you can take to set your content up for success. Starting with…

1. Contact relevant influencers

First up in your ebook strategy: identify which influencers would be interested in hearing about your upcoming ebook.

  • Did you mention anyone in your ebook? That’s where you start. Gather the name, company and email of everybody (individual or company) who you’ve mentioned in your ebook.
  • Get together everyone who has influence in the relevant field. There are a couple of ways to do this, but we found that using BuzzSumo worked well – just search a relevant keyword, save them to a list, then move on.

When sending emails to this contact list, remember to make things personal. You should send emails based on the kind of contact they are (mentioned source, influencer, relevant company). Include a direct link to your ebook, a quick feedback request, and to ask whether they want a link to the final product.

One of our favorite ebook tips is to include quotes or commentary from influencers in your ebook. This both adds legitimacy to your eBook and incentivizes influencers sharing it with their networks.

The trick is to make your request as easy as possible for the influencer – for example, if you want them to share your content, create messaging for them that they can copy and paste.

2. Track everyone who shows interest

There’s no point in sending all those emails if you don’t track who gets back to you. There are a couple of ways to do this, but by far the easiest is to use tags in For example, if someone replies and would like to be sent the final product, tag them with #sendebook.

3. Get feedback from them

Consider incorporating any (reasonable) feedback you get from your emails into the final cut. Any contact who offered feedback and sees it in the final cut will be more likely to share and promote it.

ebook tips post launch


Here’s where you make your big bang. You’ve incorporated all our pre-launch ebook tips and button’s been pressed and it’s live. Now it’s time to push, push, push; the longer you wait to promote your ebook (as with any content) the less potent your efforts will be.

1. Email interested influencers the final link

The first part of your post-launch ebook strategy is to email a direct link to any influencers who replied with an interest in the product. This gives them a chance to see any feedback they gave in action, and rewards their interaction when you reached out before you launched.

In this email you should also offer a link to tweet about the ebook launch – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

2. Send direct downloads and follow ups

Once you’ve dealt with your interested influencers, it’s time to send direct download links to your existing email list subscribers; they’re already invested in your product, so you shouldn’t require an extra buy-in from them.

When we took this step, we had the opportunity to teach our readers about one of the most powerful ways to use our app, leading to a boost in our sign ups.

You should also follow up with the influencers who didn’t reply to you. If possible, you should take a look at who saw your email but didn’t reply, and who didn’t even open it – then send a different email template to each.

Both should contain a link to the ebook, a click-to-tweet link, and a couple of reasons for why they should care about your content (remember, make it easy for them). When it comes to product launches, you can’t ever ignore the power of social media.

3. Use it as a content CTA

One tactic to try is to use your ebook as a content upgrade (i.e. a lead capture submit form at the bottom of your blogposts). By identifying the best performing relevant posts you’ve released and including a short CTA for the ebook at the bottom of your old content, you’re only creating more leads for all of your hard work.

For example:

ebook tips cta

Admittedly, this won’t benefit you much instantly but in the long term, it’s a true killer.

4. Submit to social bookmarking sites

A staple of promotion and marketing processes in general, social bookmarking sites are fantastic for getting instant attention on large, valuable projects like a new ebook.

Although the sites you submit to will depend on the topic, in our case we saw the best results on Product Hunt and Reddit.

A quick note on Product Hunt: if you’re not already on there, your best bet would be to reach out to someone you know who has an account to ask if they could submit it for you.

A quick note on Reddit: most marketing communities on Reddit are highly sensitive to any “salesy” or company-focused content, and are eager to pull down self-promotional listings.

Generating Leads Going Forward

An initial boost is great, but after the first 24 hours of your ebook launch, there’s still much to be done. Take these steps to make your ebook a consistent lead generator in the long run.

The best way to continue to generate leads is to make sure that your ebook’s landing page is ranking in Google for a valuable keyword. Obviously your landing page should have been keyword optimized before you launched it, but now it’s time to start driving links back towards it.

There are two main ways of doing this (both of which combined have lead to us ranking #1 for “business process automation guide”):

  • Updating popular / older posts to contain the link where relevant (like content upgrades, but in the body text of posts)
  • Linking to the page when guest posting

Of the two, linking to it whilst guest posting is the more powerful tactic because you’re getting a wider span of links to refer back to that page. Just remember that this isn’t an excuse for producing low quality guest posts – rushing out a post for the sake of getting a link will only hurt your brand.

Do you have any extra ebook tips that I missed? Comment below!

3 Responses to Ebook Tips: How We Generate 1,000 Leads Overnight

  1. Nancy Myrland says:

    This is a GREAT promotional plan for ebooks and very timely for me…thank you, Benjamin! 🙂

  2. nerdyworm says:

    What a wonderful plan. Do you happen to have a few examples of emails you used step 1? How did you track success with these?

  3. Matej Čotar says:

    Killer post 😉

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