Emerson had a question: how do you get performance analytics — insight into traffic, performance, and top keywords — for a site you don’t own? As a major player in the heating, cooling, and ventilation space, they managed a large volume of satellite domains outside their primary site.

One such outlier we’ll call ACME, a pressure valve retailer, whose performance was flagging. A Digital Strategy Manager at Emerson, who we’ll call N, wanted to make the case to integrate ACME into Emerson’s primary domain.

But N wasn’t able to get the necessary performance analytics on ACME’s site traffic — she didn’t own the domain. So she reached out to a colleague:

Hi T,

Hope you are doing well.

I have a request for you. I am hoping Emerson has some tool that can help extract traffic insight for acme.com. I am trying to gather some analytics on its traffic.

Let me know if it is doable.

Many thanks,



But unfortunately, as is the case with many smaller tools, visibility into the performance of a domain she didn’t own wasn’t granular enough:

Hi N!

I have used a few different tools I have used on non-owned sites.

Unfortunately, these do not provide much help when a domain falls below a certain traffic threshold (which this site does).


So T decided to pull the data from Domain Explorer, Conductor’s solution to marketers’ perennial visibility problem. It provides performance analytics on the top-performing pages, ranking keywords, and wins and losses of any domain — yours or your competitors’:

performance analytics

And Domain Explorer’s deeper analysis revealed exactly the details necessary for N to make the case for migration:

Hi N,

Below is a report pulled from Conductor which provides ACME’s modeled traffic along with their SEO performance. Their traffic is quite low and took a large dip between September and October.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


performance analytics
Domain Explorer offers up a high-level view of how an entire site is performing, and breaks the data down by top performing pages and keywords.

Which meant N could get what she needed:


Tom’s SEO team has prepared an effective and persuasive presentation that can help us convince ACME business for transition.

I am very impressed by the Emerson SEO team’s talent and approach to requests.

Looking forward to working with a great team!

Kind Regards,


You don’t have to be hamstrung when it comes to finding data on the performance of sites you don’t own. If you’re looking for deeper insight on the domain level — whether it’s to argue for migration, understand your own opportunities, or gather research on competitors — look to Conductor’s Domain Explorer.

Want to hear more? Find out how Domain Explorer can empower your team with performance insights into your website and your competition.

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