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The Future of Marketing Technology: Forrester Names Conductor an SEO Platform Leader

Every modern marketing stack needs a platform like Conductor—a platform that not only has all of the features the modern marketer needs, but also empowers marketers to humanize their marketing.

Conductor’s mission is to connect companies to the human beings who need their help and expertise. We call that humanizing marketing, and it’s an approach in which everyone wins—customers, businesses, and marketers. It’s about bringing value to everything you do—serving your customer before they are your customer.

This is a big day for our industry (and for Conductor). For years, we’ve been evangelizing the importance of understanding customer search behavior to create content and digitals assets that actually solve problems vs. sell products. The marketers who use our technology have continued to spread that message, convincing leaders in their organizations that marketing is fundamentally changing and that their brands and organizations need to evolve, too.

Forrester has put a considerable amount of effort into its industry analysis of SEO platforms.

Quote by Forrester Wave-An SEO platform is a must for every in-house SEO team

Every modern marketing stack needs a platform like Conductor—a platform that not only has all of the features the modern marketer needs, but also empowers marketers to humanize their marketing. Over the next few years, these platforms will become the foundation of all digital marketing, as the customer and the content supporting the customer become increasingly central to all forms of successful marketing.

We believe Conductor did phenomenally well in this intensive evaluation, which detailed every part of our business and customer case. Conductor had the highest possible score in 15 criteria, including workflow and process management, reporting and analytics, and user interface.

The 2018 Forrester Wave Report for SEO Platforms

The part of the evaluation that makes me the most excited is our top scores in the product vision and execution roadmap criteria. Even though we’ve been building Conductor aggressively for several years, we’re still a work in progress. A few months ago, we announced that we are hiring 100+ engineers to power unprecedented innovation in the marketing tech sector.

We believe Conductor is still on day 1, just starting out. We’ve only just begun to realize our mission as a company: to impact the trillion-plus dollars spent on marketing globally and make marketing more human—for humans, by humans.

We are going to use this success as fuel to once again double down on the core of our business—listening to our customers and innovating for the industry with technology and education. Forrester, in our opinion, applauded our customer focus, and that part of our philosophy is not changing.

Quote from Forrester Wave on SEO Platforms-Marketers responsible for SEO and content marketing who are looking for a vendor that takes feedback seriously shouldn’t look any further than Conductor

I will continue to personally read every NPS survey Conductor receives, as will the rest of our leadership. And our customer teams, which received the highest possible scores from Forrester in the managed services and tech support criteria, will continue to grow and be the BEST partner our customers have ever had. That’s our goal and we won’t settle for less.

Thanks to Forrester for this research, to our customers for your endless support, and to our industry for keeping the dream alive. Together, we can show the world a better way to do marketing that works and creates value: marketing that we all feel great about.

Jump into the 2018 Forrester Wave Report to learn more about how each SEO platform provider measures up and how marketing leaders can make the right choice for their enterprise organization.

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