To define the state of global marketing and SEO today — and where it needs to go — Conductor polled global digital marketers to discover:

  • The challenges faced by global marketers today
  • The organizational structures (both successful and struggling) of global marketing orgs
  • The industry’s plans for global marketing and SEO’s future

These marketers identified several specific current challenges facing global marketing initiatives in their orgs and marketing technology.

Global Marketing and SEO are About to Get Much, Much Bigger

63.3% of global marketers plan to expand into new countries in the next 5 years, while 28.3% of global marketers plan to expand into new countries in the next year. That means we are looking at a digital marketing boom: new markets, new countries, new opportunities.

63.3% of global marketers plan to expand into new countries in the next 5 years. 28.3% will expand in the next year.

But it also means we need to get very good at global marketing strategy, and fast. And that means understanding those new markets and new customers thoroughly.

“We tend to think in this modern age that although we come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, when we browse online we all have the same set of user experience preferences and patterns, and that’s just not the case.” -Simon Lesser, CEO and Co-Founder of DragonMetrics

Global Marketing Means Creating a Local Digital Experience

From cultural differences like preferred modes of content delivery and regional changes in language, to technical SEO hurdles that can make it difficult for your customers to find the right regional content on websites spanning the globe, digital marketers face multiple challenges to success.

But they also understand what they need to succeed.

Global Marketing Requires Balanced Orgs and Truly Global SEO and Marketing Technology

 To succeed in new markets, global marketers need to be empowered on three fronts: the local, the organizational, and the technical. Marketing technology needs to provide insights into regional content performance and SEO standards. Companies need to 40% of global marketers do not feel their marketing technology makes it easy to identify and solve global SEO challengesbalance strong top-down leadership to local insights and independence.

Right now, many companies expanding their global SEO and marketing strategies are still struggling to find solutions. And the future is coming fast, and all the opportunity that goes with it.

Global Marketing Success is Reachable

There is clearly considerable appetite for further expansion among global marketers. However, institutional and technological hurdles remain that could keep marketers from fully seizing the opportunity.

For true global success to become an attainable goal for most organizations, top-down marketing strategy must better integrate with regional initiatives, supported by improved technical reporting and surfacing of market opportunities.

45% of global marketers say their marketing strategy is more informed by top-down, global initiatives.

Global SEOs and digital marketers looking to solidify existing market shares or expand into new markets should focus on sensitivity to the specifics of regional SEO and strive to streamline local reporting processes so as to facilitate better communication between local and global teams.

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