It’s been exactly one month since C3 2018 touched down in New York City with a snowstorm in tow, and we’ve been hard at work trying to implement what we learned at the conference to our marketing endeavors. But sometimes it’s tough to know where to start.

We find it’s easiest to start with a hero: brands who provide marketing strategy examples we can emulate. In that spirit, here are our 2018 Searchies Winners: the very best in digital marketing, and the brands to watch in 2018.


Best in Class Brand: Citi

Citi’s commitment to using technology to consistently seek new opportunities to improve customer experience, from implementing AMP to increasing page speed and content relevance on targeted pages, saw a return in traffic, revenue, and rankings results, and earned their team the best-in-class brand Searchie this year. There are few brands that manage to execute on the scale that Citi does and still maintain a truly customer-first ethos in their marketing.

Best in Class Agency: Accenture Interactive

Accenture Interactive provides innovative and effective marketing solutions to a dizzying array of clients as one of the top agencies in the world. They combine technology and creativity to build the best possible customer experiences across the entirety of the customer journey, specific to every brand they work with. When we ideate around how best to serve customers, we know we can always look to marketing strategy examples from Accenture Interactive.

Content Powerhouse: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has truly embraced content marketing as a key avenue to supporting their incredible work as one of the world’s foremost children’s research hospitals. They are focused on making sure their key content gets found by the right people, as well as expanding and updating their strategy to embrace new opportunities to create useful, findable content. St. Jude’s marketing strategy truly epitomizes the holistic relationship between content and SEO. When considering how to make content that has the greatest possible positive impact, St. Jude truly sets the bar.

Customer-First Content of the Year: Madison Reed

Madison Reed competes with some of the juggernauts in hair color (L’Oreal, Garnier, Walgreens) by putting their customers first in everything they do. Nothing speaks to this strategy more than the “Color Advisor” that walks users through a step-by-step diagnostic to choose the absolute best color for their hair. Throughout this process, Madison Reed is establishing trust with their prospective buyer, and making sure they have the best possible experience. As a result, Madison Reed owns the number #1 position for “hair color” searches on Google. We have a tendency at Conductor when considering experimenting with new types of content to ask ourselves “What would Madison Reed do?”

Excellence in Integrated Marketing: Stanley Black & Decker Corporation

The marketing team at Stanley Black & Decker is a cross-functional, cross-brand machine, coordinating large-scale global marketing efforts across distinct business units and dozens of brands with global coverage. No team better embodies breaking down silos to actually get things done. Does it sometimes feel like you will never get all of the many stakeholders under one digital marketing strategy? Look no further than what the team at Stanley Black & Decker are accomplishing every day.

Best Global SEO: Salesforce

Salesforce has successfully scaled its SEO process across the globe. Regional teams collaborate on challenges, share insights and successes and execute locally on a global scale. If your company is expanding their global marketing initiatives, there is no better marketing strategy example than Salesforce.

Most Innovative: Acronym

Acronym’s complimentary technology Keyword Objects has revolutionized the way Conductor customers create paid and natural synergy. By combining Conductor and Keyword Objects data, marketers get the most comprehensive view of how the keywords they track in Conductor are performing for paid, and how that value can translate into organic revenue. Their innovative approach to marketing, content, and technology has helped propel Acronym’s clients to huge marketing success.

Industry MVP: Steve Wiideman, Wiideman Consulting Group

Specializing in strategic planning for multi-location and franchise brands, Steve Wiideman of Wiideman Consulting Group, has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups alike. His experience ranges from having managed or assisted with large sponsored ads budgets, to turning brick and mortar businesses into Internet profit machines using SEO best practices learned while studying under the world’s best organic and paid search optimization specialists. He’s a prime example of what we all should be striving for in our careers as SEOs: always innovating, learning, and leading.

Industry Rising Star: Lauren Guzenski, Sealed Air

Lauren Guzenski seamlessly manages analytics and SEO for Sealed Air, while also serving as a center of excellence that all lines of business can go to for help with all things SEO. Sealed Air is most famous for inventing Bubble Wrap, but their team has done incredible things since then with Lauren at the lead. Every brand has an audience; Lauren and the team at Sealed Air consistently use technology to help their customers find the value Sealed Air is providing every day in its content.

Small Team, Big Return: Carpet One Home & Floor

Carpet One Home & Floor is a brand that has fully grasped the importance of SEO and producing strong, valuable educational content. Their small team is responsible for optimizing their national site as well as hundreds of micro-sites and keeping all of them up-to-date. The Carpet One team shows us that it’s not the size of the team that counts: it’s the results you drive for your customers.

Conductor Rookie of the Year: Argos

Argos is a relatively new Conductor customer, but they have already enabled various teams throughout their organization with our technology – content, technical and product stakeholders. They wasted no time getting up and running to make the most of Conductor Searchlight, getting the right people involved to have an incredibly successful first 9 months. We all know that new technology can take awhile to integrate into workflow, but truly great brands like Argos don’t let that slow them down; if anything, they view it as a means to go harder than ever.

Conductor Searchlight Power User: Priyal Mahuvakar, StubHub

The SEO team is lean at StubHub, so Priyal Mahuvakar uses Conductor Searchlight to create efficiency in her role and save time. She’s leaned on workspaces to evangelize SEO across the organization. Her efforts here has earned her a seat at the table when it comes to making marketing and site decisions, which is what all of us as marketers are striving for. She also doesn’t stop at StubHub; she consistently provides feedback to us to help us in our mission to constantly continue bettering Conductor for our customers.

Want to learn about the new features in Conductor Searchlight we announced at C3? Get the inside scoop here.

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