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Conductor + Adapt Worldwide: Supporting Global Keyword Research

Need in-depth global keyword research? Now we can deliver this data better and faster than ever.

Conductor puts a strong emphasis on performing quality audience research on behalf of our customers. Every customer receives keyword research to ensure the data we collect in our platform is wholly aligned to business objectives and sets brands up for accelerated success. As our ever-erudite VP of Professional Services, Stephan Bajaio, says, “Garbage in, garbage out!” Our dedication to excellence sets a very high bar.

So, as you can imagine, the pressure to find the best partner to help us scale this work globally was significant. We had to find a partner that truly understands the importance of capturing the voice of the customer through search data, delivers high fidelity results at massive scale, and would work lock step with our audience research team.

We finally found that partner, after an exhaustive hunt, in Adapt Worldwide.

Adapt Worldwide is the digital marketing and localization arm of Welocalize, one of the most trusted and successful language service providers in the world. Conductor and Adapt have teamed up to deliver keyword discovery excellence across almost every global market for our customers.

Local keyword discovery is no easy feat. You can’t just take a list of keywords in English, throw them into Google Translate, and feel confident that you’re actually capturing the way people search. There’s a difference between translation and localization, and here’s a cringeworthy example to illustrate this point.

HSBC bank spent a ton of money to launch a bold new global tagline in 2009: Assume Nothing. Unfortunately, they had to spend another $10 million dollars to rebrand after realizing the direct translation of “Assume Nothing” in many countries is “Do Nothing.” Oops.

So without local language experts, there’s a lot of risk in translating keywords or not conducting the right in-market research. Adapt Worldwide offers services in 175 languages across the globe and has produced impeccable research for some of our biggest global customers. Conductor and Adapt Worldwide are now working together: we’re providing our English-based research to help inform their research, and they’re never shy to let us know when our research is completely irrelevant in other local markets. We love them for that. Our team uploads their research, perfectly categorized into the Conductor platform, and voila! You’re going to be tracking the right keywords across all of your local markets without having to lift a finger.

The Conductor Partner Ecosystem is built to be a solutions nexus for digital marketers. Our goal is to provide a complete toolbox for global digital marketers, and part of that means partnering with the best-of-breed technologies, agencies, or transcreators out there, We’re so excited to have Adapt Worldwide as our trusted partner for keyword localization to help us deliver that Conductor quality data, no matter where you need it.

And yes, this is serious business, but if you want more examples of translation gone wrong for a little laugh, check out this roll up.

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