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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Expand Your Marketing Capabilities

  • Product News
  • By Christine Schrader
  • 7 minutes read

Everything new in Conductor's SEO Platform and how the new features will help you, your team, and your company get ahead of the competition.

Everything You Want to Know About New Conductor Features and Were Afraid to Ask

In the weeks since our latest product feature announcement at C3 2019, our R&D teams have been hard at work developing and delivering some exciting updates to Conductor SEO Platform.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten new features that will make your summer in Conductor the best one ever:

1. Release the Action: Your Insights Into Actions with A Click

Insight Stream is your news feed in the Conductor Organic Marketing Platform that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to surface insights into your performance.

We kindly request that you yell “Release the Action!” every time you export your insights.

But insights are only as useful as the actions that come out of them, and now Conductor allows you to send insights directly from your Insight Stream to your favorite task manager (like Asana, Jira, and Trello).

We want to help your knowledge and organic expertise to have the most impact on your organization; here’s how to start getting those insights into the hands of your entire team.

2. Rank Track in APAC: Broaden Your Global Rank Reporting Efforts with Naver Support

Naver is the largest search engine in South Korea, so if your business has a presence in the APAC region, it’s a key part of your organic marketing strategy. We have now introduced Naver tracked searches to make sure you’re getting the full picture of your performance, available in reports like Keyword Performance and more.

Visual of Naver SERP

Our incredible partner, Dragon Metrics, has worked with our R&D teams to make sure you have the visibility into Naver you need, right in Conductor.

Speaking of APAC...

3. There is No Try, Only Baidu: On Demand Explorer Topic & Page Research

Dragon Metrics is fueling incredible innovations for marketers in the APAC region, and that now includes on demand Explorer topic and page research for Baidu in Conductor.

Picture the Baidu data you need in Explorer, and appear it shall.

Understanding the specific needs and experience of your audiences searching on Baidu is essential to creating impactful content that actually appears on Baidu SERPs, and now your teams have every insight they need to develop the very best content for your customers and get a full picture of your global content performance.

And that’s just the beginning of what’s new in Explorer.

4. Explorer Takes You Farther: Universal Result Types Data

Explorer is the research powerhouse that behind content teams working with Conductor, and we have continued to expand how the reporting aids your understanding of the content landscape.

Conductor Explorer Universal Result Types

With that in mind, Explorer now boldly goes into result type data, allowing you to discover what result types your competitors are ranking for, even for untracked keywords. That means you will be able to pinpoint content optimization opportunities as you research key topics and new ideas.

5. Build Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Explorer Brings You People Also Ask

Google’s People Also Ask tool is a secret weapon in the arsenal of content teams and SEOs, but not many teams realize the mine of insights into customer intent they are sitting on. We wanted to make sure that you have all of the information you need about what questions your audience is asking, now right in Explorer.

Example of Google's People Also Ask result type

Now, when you are researching a topic, you can get the full context about what your audience cares about and what they’re seeing on the SERP. That means you’re making more relevant, targeted, and, yes, optimized content for your audience.

And People Also Ask data is not just available in Explorer, but across Conductor reports, such as Result Types, Keyword Performance, and more.

6. Expanding Our Dataset to Give You More to Explore

Our customers need to have a full understanding of their visibility across their keywords, and sometimes a sample set isn’t enough. So we’ve expanded the data available for reporting and analysis in Explorer’s On-Demand domain research report, now featuring up to 10 million rows of data for a domain.

Now you’ll be able to dig deeper into the data and get a more granular view of any domain, meaning more options for drilling down into specific filters and opportunities for new insights.

7. Know Thy Customer: Explorer Combines Search + Social Data

Conductor announced their new partnership with Talkwalker to bring you social data in Explorer, and we are now in beta for the new features. That means you will be able to see data on not just monthly search volume for the topics you are researching in Explorer, but demographic distribution by age and gender for daily social mentions, engagement, and more.

Conductor Explorer MSV and social data for individual keywords

Explorer continues to be your one-stop shop for topic research and is getting deeper by the day. Get ready for more updates to come: richer data, a fuller picture of the people you are creating content for. Your audience will thank you.

8. Content Briefs So Smart It’s Scary (Okay, Not Actually Scary, But It Sounded Both Alliterative and Exciting)

We’ve been hard at work helping content teams get their hands on the SEO insights they need, and now our smart content briefs are even easier to use and get into the hands of your content creators.

Conductor content brief within the Explorer feature

From easily creating a content brief right in Explorer topic reports to the ability to edit existing briefs as a piece of content develops, you’re always one click away from seamlessly sending your team briefs in your favorite task management tool, whether that’s Asana, Jira, or Trello. You can even download a completed brief as a Microsoft Word document for easy sharing with people outside of your team or your records.

9. Channels, Channels Everywhere: Now You Can Measure Them All

One of the things we are most excited about at Conductor is our new Multi-Channel content measurement capabilities. We always advocate for a more holistic approach to content, so we wanted to empower you with insights into your content performance across all devices and channels.

Multi-Channel Measurement in a single chart

Our Content Performance report will now include data about how your content is performing not just organically, but in social, email, and paid channels, through our integration with Google Analytics. In Page Insights, you can dive into all of that information and more for a single piece of content.

10. If Customer Success Be the Food of Love, Play On: Orchestra Support for All Customers

We know that our customers succeed when we give them the support they need, so we are continuing to roll out Conductor Orchestra, our new expanded service offering that provides all of our customers with flexible analysis and digital marketing strategy support.

That means you’ll have access to the best digital strategists out there, dedicated to arming you with everything you need to succeed and grow.

BONUS: Conductor SEO Chrome Extension, Because We’re Extra Like That

We’re pretty sure we’ve never actually done a top ten list without a bonus, but that’s because we are kind of obsessed with giving you everything we’ve got that can support the incredible work you’re doing as digital marketers.

But this bonus is actually really exciting: we’ve build a Conductor SEO Extension for Google Chrome that is currently available in Conductor Labs. This project came out of our 2019 Hackathon, and the first (but not last) version includes:

  • Information on page attributes like title tag, meta description, and robot directive
  • Summary of page headers
  • Likely target keywords, based on how frequently they occur on the page
SEO Chrome Extension being used on a blog page

Real time SEO sleuthing right from your browser? That truly is our jam.

Want to check out how Conductor's SEO Platform can help you expand your digital marketing capabilities? Schedule your live demo with our experts today.

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