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Conductor New Feature Roundup: What to Look Forward to from C3 2018

  • Product News
  • By Michael Rubino
  • 4 minutes read

From Role-Based Views to Content Launchpad, all new features are coming to Conductor's SEO Platform.

At C3 last week, Conductor announced—among other things—a slate of new capabilities coming soon to our customers.

Our goal: Show businesses how to put their customers first. Businesses that help customers solve problems, make decisions, and find solutions are primed for success. Search intelligence helps apply that customer-first mentality across marketing activities.

To that end, we're doubling down on our commitment to organic search intelligence. Search insights, though, aren't only applicable to search marketing strategies. Our users are uncovering insights about their customers that are broadly relevant across marketing functions. So as we provide more depth for our power users, we're also making Conductor's SEO Platform more accessible to the whole marketing team.

Role-Based Views

According to Conductor, 66% of best-in-class companies bring search insights into their content creation process from the beginning. And the most successful companies treat their content creation and search optimization strategies as one.

Role-Based Views make it easy for all your teams to work together in Conductor's SEO Platform. Each team member gets a "view" with access to just the most relevant features for their areas of responsibility.

Demonstration of how role-based views in Conductor's Platform gives each team member their own personalized

For instance, the content marketing view has tools for content ideation, measurement, and reporting, hiding away the more in-depth keyword analysis functions used by SEO analysts.

We’re cutting out the noise so every team can maximize the value they get through Conductor.

Content Types

The format of search results is evolving faster than ever before: Google is iterating to find the best ways to give searchers what they need in this mobile-first world. From featured snippet “answer boxes” to local packs to video results, keeping up presents a challenge. But it's also an opportunity to optimize content for these high-visibility results, align with customers' intent, and get found.

Updates to our Content Types reporting will help you capitalize on that opportunity. In Content Types, you can see how the universal results in Google change over time. Now you'll be able to pick out which of those universal results you own and which you don't.

Conductor Content Types reporting shows how you can see Google's universal results change over time

The report serves dual purposes. For search marketers, it enables you to report on content type wins, like the number of Answer Boxes you've gained over the last quarter. At the same time, colleagues creating content can identify opportunities for new content based on, for example, an increasing trend in Video results.


Whether you focus on content creation or search optimization, good marketing starts with research. What topics will hit home with your audience? What keywords best align with their intent? What are the competitors doing?

To make answering these questions easier than ever, we're introducing Explorer, a powerful research tool for your research activities, including:

  • Identifying content ideas
  • Doing keyword research
  • Aligning copy with customer language and intent
  • Gauging your domain's total footprint in search
  • Learning how competitors’ domains are performing
  • Analyzing competitors' content strategies
Introducing Conductor's new Explorer View which lets you research any topic or keyword

Explorer combines the current functionality of Domain Explorer and Audience Intent Explorer into a simple, powerful solution for all your research.

Baidu Search Data

Our global customers make and optimize content for markets all over the world. So we’ve partnered with the incredible team at Dragon Metrics to bring search intelligence for Baidu, the number one search engine in China.

With this integration, you can conduct on-demand keyword research and competitive analysis for the Asia Pacific region through Conductor's SEO Platform. Now your teams can confidently create a marketing strategy for the region, using the voice of the local customer.

Content Launchpad

Investment in content programs—educational content, engaging product pages, gated content and more—is growing fast, but only 5% of enterprise content marketers last year reported they could quantify the impact of content activities on their bottom line. Businesses know content marketing works, but not what specific activities lead to success.

We set out last year to tackle this challenge for our customers.

We learned that getting answers requires cross-team coordination, a multi-disciplinary perspective, and omni-channel measurement. Simply put, attribution is tough.

We also learned that we can help, which is why we're excited to announce the Content Launchpad.

We're building the Launchpad from the ground up to enable marketers to measure the impact of all their activities across all their content — blog posts, product pages, gated content and more— at any stage of the buyer’s journey.

Conductor's Content Launchpad View demonstrating the executive level overview

The Launchpad aggregates data about marketing activities and aligns it with content performance metrics to tell you what’s working and what’s not. By bringing together analytics, activity, metadata and search data in one place, you can better tie activity to impact.

We previewed the Content Launchpad last week at C3 2018, and it will officially launch into beta in Q2.

Contact us today for an exclusive preview of Content Launchpad and to get notified when it’s live.

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