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New in Conductor: Multi-Account Access and Writing Assistant Tutorial

  • Product News
  • By Will Potts
  • 5 minutes read

Fast track your team’s SEO success with access to all ContentKing accounts from a single login, an expert-led Writing Assistant tutorial, and more in Conductor.

The start of November has us feeling extra thankful for the diverse SEO community we work with every day. Managing the digital presence and performance of a brand—or several—can feel like an impossible job. Your ability to face challenges head-on, provide us with actionable feedback, and approach industry-wide disruptions with excitement inspires us to keep innovating to meet you on your level.

That’s why Conductor’s latest enhancements are designed to boost your digital content—from fixing performance issues to optimizing content quality—and deliver results across every market to achieve long-term success. Take a look at what’s new this month, including:

  • Multi-account access in ContentKing
  • German Conductor website and SEO resources
  • Actionable Writing Assistant demo

Plus, get a sneak peek at more platform improvements coming soon.

Access all of your ContentKing accounts from just one login

Whether you’re managing several brands or customers, there’s a lot of digital content to stay on top of. The last thing you need is to try and keep tabs on different logins to access performance data for separate accounts. ContentKing’s multi-account access functionality makes this problem a thing of the past. With this streamlined experience, you and your team can easily navigate between all of your ContentKing accounts through one login email.

ContentKing’s account page with purple dashboard menus on the left side and along the top. From the top, a dropdown menu is highlighted in light blue, with several account name options listed beneath.

Analyze performance across multiple ContentKing accounts via a new selection interface for faster reporting processes. The best part: this new process means you can check in to each account with just a couple of clicks and rest easy knowing you have immediate visibility on every change that matters.

Guten tag: Conductor’s website goes German

As part of our mission to build the most comprehensive, global SEO platform and support services available, Conductor acquired Searchmetrics and joined forces earlier this year. We’re excited to announce we have taken an important step in this journey as we establish a new gold standard for global SEO with the launch of the German version of the Conductor website.

Conductor’s home page in teal-green with the phrase “Mehr Umsatz durch Suchen”, translating to “More Sales in Search” in white and purple text. A stylized image of a Google Search results page is to the right.

Whether you’re operating in Denver or Dusseldorf, Conductor is fully equipped and ready to meet your needs. Access Conductor’s detailed guides and helpful SEO resources in English or German for the guidance you need in the language you prefer. Plus, more German content is being added to the site daily, so you’ll never miss a step in a fast-moving search market. With support team members fluent in English and German and the new German version of our website, we’re committed to being the absolute best global partner for your SEO efforts.

Maximize content success with SEO expert Pat Reinhart’s step-by-step Writing Assistant tutorial

Writing Assistant, one of our most exciting platform feature releases from the last 12 months, provides real-time recommendations as your team writes to guarantee content is optimized to succeed on SERPs and resonate with your audience before you hit publish. (For a full rundown on the feature specs, check out this blog).

Make the most of Conductor’s AI-powered content intelligence by tuning into this step-by-step Writing Assistant tutorial led by Pat Reinhart, our resident SEO expert and 30|30 webinar series host. Learn all the tips and tricks your team needs to know to optimize any page and take full advantage of this powerful new feature.

See What’s Next: Prioritized suggestions, AI-powered tracking advice, and education in your workflows

Get excited because we’ve got a lot of game-changing platform updates in the works. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s around the corner:

Coming soon

Suggestions Prioritized by Relevance: Receive clear prioritization for the key terms you need to use with a new layout for Body Copy Suggestions that organize terms based on semantic relevance to your target topic. Any Content Guidance and Writing Assistant queries in English, German, Spanish, or French will see the new layout, dividing suggestions into three tabs: Important Keywords, Supporting Keywords, and Additional Keywords. Important Keywords are the most crucial, semantically relevant terms for your topic, Supporting Keywords are less critical but still used by SEO competitors in ranking pages, and Additional Keywords are semantically associated terms used by a portion of SEO competitors.

Under construction

AI-Powered Tracking Suggestions: Conductor’s AI algorithms will provide keyword tracking suggestions based on data from your web property and selected search engine, helping you better understand your audience and how to reach them. In the Add Keywords modal, you’ll find a new button labeled “Insert Suggested Keywords” that will trigger Conductor to intelligently surface a list of highly relevant and valuable keywords your brand should monitor.

Education While You Work: Leverage helpful explanations of platform and SEO concepts while you’re working, plus links to resources available directly in the platform, showing you exactly how to get the most out of every insight. You’ll access how-to guidance and key resources as you’re building content optimization briefs in Content Guidance, digging into a page’s performance in Page Details, and other essential workflows.

Get on the fast-track to SEO success with Conductor

Managing a brand’s digital presence and content requires all hands on deck. To drive results, you need a dedicated SEO partner like Conductor who’s as committed to your goals as you are. Make sure you have what it takes to level up your digital content ahead of Google’s SGE SERP transformation with Conductor’s latest enhancements.

Want to see more of this month’s releases in action? Check out the November Release video below.

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