athenahealth’s digital marketing team was tasked with filling their sales funnel with high-quality leads through organic marketing.



Aided by Conductor Searchlight and the DeepCrawl integration, athenahealth increased online visibility with organic marketing. The team attracted qualified customers – like medical professionals and administrators – by creating and optimizing content relevant to each stage in the purchase journey.


Protecting Site Equity with Conductor’s DeepCrawl Integration

In preparation for a recent migration, a DeepCrawl analysis discovered thousands of internal links coming from the athenahealth blog. This issue put the site at a high risk for a search engine penalty – which could have significantly reduced their online visibility and revenue. With Conductor and DeepCrawl, the team quickly fixed the issue without incurring any negative impact.

"Conductor helps us outperform our competitors and serve our target audience with great content. DeepCrawl helps us make sure our content is technically sound and protects us from potential traffic drops. It’s incredibly powerful to be able to diagnose issues and make more strategic decisions about site health, content strategy, and SEO all in one place."

Allison Wentzell SEO Manager,


With support from Conductor’s team and technology, the athenahealth team has increased traffic by 96%, sales meetings by 44%, and increased overall bookings. The integration with DeepCrawl ensures they proactively protect their gains.