When Rob Israch came onboard Tipalti, he wasn’t just CMO — he was the first marketer they hired. Israch knew that building out a great marketing team meant investing in SEO, but Tipalti’s core product, a global payables automation solution, was so novel that they weren’t sure they even had an organic market to optimize for. Plus, there was limited marketing budget — too limited for a full-time SEO hire.


Conductor’s Managed Service team to the rescue. This in-house team of Conductor Searchlight experts can be attached to any account to provide a dedicated on-demand SEO specialist, trained in the platform and targeted for any business’s specifics needs. Managed Services acted as an external hire for Tipalti’s nascent SEO efforts, building out keyword strategy, migrating from non-secure to secure, and establishing a host of records and workflows for Tipalti’s eventual full-time SEO.

"The support from Conductor’s Managed Services department has been tremendous. Our team came out understanding SEO way better than we did going in. We could see the ROI of SEO was strong, and through Conductor Searchlight we could see the growth opportunity."

Rob Israch CMO, Tipalti



Within a year of Tipalti’s new SEO efforts, powered by Conductor Searchlight and Managed Services, their organic traffic had jumped 61%. That was powered in large part by a 280% rise in page-one rankings, and the dedicated SEO workflows tailored to their business needs. The business impact of good SEO was now undeniable.

Armed with that confidence in the organic channel, Israch’s team was able to justify hiring a full-time SEO, which of course was part of the plan all along. And thanks to the rich historical data and processes established by managed services, that SEO hire was able to hit the ground running.

Conductor Empowers Tipalti to:

  • Create and optimize content that helps customers find solutions, make decisions, and meet their needs
  • Improve organic traffic and rankings in the SERPs year over year
  • Justify the impact of SEO within and across the entire organization