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The Marketing Council: Jetson

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In this month's episode, our guest host and Conductor's VP of Marketing, Lindsay Hagan, interviews Nancy Scanlon, Chief Experience Officer at the Brooklyn-based micro-mobility startup Jetson. With experience leading teams across organizations of all types and sizes, Nancy explains that the fundamentals of digital marketing remain the same regardless of company size or resources. However, being a startup comes with tougher prioritization decisions and constraints on marketing investments.

Nancy outlines Jetson's omni-channel customer experience strategy focused on driving excitement about their products across channels, leading people back to their website for valuable information and resources. For Jetson, content remains king - not just for the pre-sales process but also for customer retention over their lifetime. Nancy emphasizes synthesizing data thoughtfully to provide value for both customers and the business, rather than just accumulating data for data's sake.

Finally, hear Nancy explain her servant leadership approach, focused on inspiring her team to put forth their best work each day.

This month's guest:

Nancy Scanlon
SVP & Chief Experience Officer at Jetson
Nancy Scanlon is a results-driven executive leader with expertise in designing powerful GTM and end-to-end experiences for products and services that just make life better. She is passionate about harnessing data and technology to connect the world! With 20 years of experience across multiple verticals, Nancy has a proven track record of launching and scaling successful programs, platforms and campaigns to generate significant revenue while enhancing the lives of millions of people.
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