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The Marketing Council: Acquia

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In this insightful episode, Conductor's VP of Global Marketing, Lindsay Boyajian Hagan, sits down with Jennifer Griffin Smith, the accomplished CMO of Acquia.

Discover firsthand how marketing teams can leverage personalization to drive success, and learn Jen's proven strategies for maximizing its impact. As Conductor and Acquia announce their game-changing partnership, Jen and Lindsay will shed light on how this collaboration will revolutionize the digital experience for marketers. By harnessing the latest advancements in AI, this powerful union promises to deliver best-in-class content and SEO recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

Furthermore, Jen will provide exclusive insights into how her team at Acquia is leveraging AI, and her expert take on the transformative impact this technology will have on the industry. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from two marketing powerhouses as they unravel the secrets to personalization, AI, and the future of marketing.

This month's guest:

Jennifer Griffin Smith
Chief Marketing Officer at Acquia
Jennifer Griffin Smith is a well-respected international marketing executive with over 20 years of experience managing go-to-market strategies and corporate communications for technology companies. At Acquia, she leads the global marketing organization, focusing on delivering exceptional value to customers and partners. With her extensive B2B marketing experience, Jennifer is passionate about growing awareness, improving marketing ROI, and creating high-performing teams. Prior to Acquia, she held CMO positions at several companies, including Brightcove, Alfresco Software, and Software AG, as well as senior marketing roles at Microsoft, PeopleSoft, and Information Builders.
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