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The Marketing Council host, Carla Piñeyro Sublett, interviews Norma Dorst, NI Marketing VP at Emerson, in this month's episode. Carla and Norma discuss how Norma is shaping NI's marketing strategy to highlight their expertise in key industries like automotive and aerospace.

Norma provides insight into how she and her team leverage AI and generative content to connect with NI's highly technical customer base. She emphasizes the importance of balancing short-term revenue goals with long-term perception building. Norma also stresses the need for marketers to advocate for the customer, even when it means going outside their lane. With rapid change in marketing, she advises staying focused on delivering value to customers from end-to-end.

Norma Dorst
NI Marketing VP at Emerson at NI (National Instruments)
Norma Dorst is an experienced technical business professional, and serial catalyst for change. She rapidly learns teams and jobs; diagnoses root causes for challenges; develops a vision and plan; and then enables execution to take whatever she's working on to the next level. Norma thinks differently, and is often called on as an internal consultant for other teams looking to reframe or innovate to achieve better business impact. Leading her marketing team into the AI age, Norma shares how generative tools can boost productivity without losing the human touch—ultimately striving to showcase marketing’s strategic value through empathy, creativity and aligning with the customer journey.
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