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As marketing leaders, we are no strangers to making tough decisions at speed. We are usually not the first to have to make those decisions either. Let’s unlock the expertise and experience of top marketing leaders together.

Introducing The Marketing Council, a monthly series of 20-minute discussions with marketing leaders across the industry designed to elevate your marketing. Join us as we reveal insights from top marketing leaders and CMOs, bringing you exclusive interviews and invaluable lessons that can't be found anywhere else.

Discover the latest strategies and tactics that marketing experts are investing in to stay ahead. Delve deep into the minds of our guests as they candidly share their personal experiences and learn the secrets behind building and nurturing high-performing marketing strategies and teams.

Register now and be a part of engaging discussions each month between your host, Carla Piñeyro Sublett, the former CMO of IBM, and influential marketing leaders. Together, we'll illuminate the path to orchestrating your marketing strategy for unprecedented growth and success.

This month's guest:

Samantha Felix
VP, Head of Audience & Platform Strategy and Partnerships at The New York Times
Sam has 15 years of marketing experience and has been with New York Times for 2 years. Sam chats with us about all things AI, how she views it, practical ways she’s been leveraging it, and what it could mean for marketers going forward.
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