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In this engaging conversation, Samantha Felix shares her perspective on navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of search, fueled by the advancements in generative AI. Delving into the intricacies of her role, Sam sheds light on the challenges and complexities posed by these transformative changes within the industry. She articulates how her team at The New York Times is proactively preparing for shifts in user behavior and emerging trends in the search domain.

Gain valuable insights as Sam forecasts the potential impact on both paid and organic search, providing strategic guidance on where to direct your focus moving forward. Amidst the influx of changes, Samantha imparts wisdom on maintaining composure and exemplifying strong leadership in the midst of uncertainty.

Samantha Felix
VP, Head of Audience & Platform Strategy and Partnerships at The New York Times
Sam has 15 years of marketing experience and has been with New York Times for 2 years. Sam chats with us about all things AI, how she views it, practical ways she’s been leveraging it, and what it could mean for marketers going forward.
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