Using Conductor to help acquire answer boxes for their price pages, APMEX has seen an increase of 700% in that segment’s traffic in 90 days.

APMEX is a billion dollar company and number one seller of gold, silver, and other precious metals online as investment products.

Though APMEX is vastly dominant in its space, competition from affiliates prompted the company to invest in organic marketing. APMEX partnered with Conductor to boost its search efforts.

“We’re in Conductor almost every day, getting immense value out of the platform. It helps us guide our long-term plan, measure our ROI, and catch opportunities along the way to move the needle. I like the strategy side of Conductor because it helps me convince my executive team where to invest. I like the tactical side of Conductor because it helps me tell my team where to do the most effective work.” -Steven Pope, Digital Marketing Manager at AMPEX

Just weeks after that initial investment, the APMEX team saw major successes and that ROI captured the attention of their entire global organization.

“Going into this year, our CEO told us: ‘Growing organic traffic is our number one goal for the entire company going in 2016.’ SEO is the number one initiative of the company.” -Steven Pope, Digital Marketing Manager

Targeting Answer Boxes with Conductor Searchlight Increases Traffic 700%

One of the opportunities Conductor’s technology surfaced for APMEX’s team was answer boxes: a graphic and text element Google displays at the top of search engine results pages to directly answer searchers’ questions.

Apmex - Answer Box

These high volume terms are not only a rich source for qualified traffic; they’re also a significant branding opportunity since Google prominently displays the APMEX logo along with the content in the SERP.

The APMEX team identified these opportunities through Conductor’s keyword performance technology, which surfaces different search result types like answer boxes, image packs, video snippets, maps, and more.

Apmex - Audience Intent Explorer

APMEX Sets New Organic Traffic Record With Conductor Searchlight

APMEX has seen a fast and massive surge in traffic to its target pages after creating high quality content guided by Conductor’s SEO recommendations. With data from Conductor’s keyword visibility and content segments, APMEX has set a new company record for the most organic traffic driven to their company in a week.

Apmex Organic Search Sessions

“When it comes down to it, if you don’t have data to prove your point, no one will listen to you. But in Conductor, that data – the kind that drives smart business decisions – is at your fingertips. If you do X, you get Y. It’s an equation. Fill in the proper components and execute on Conductor’s insights, and you will be successful.” -Steven Pope, Digital Marketing Manager

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