Is old content weighing down your site? Get results with smart content auditing. You work hard at creating new content – but how often do you think about the content you already have? That old content doesn’t disappear; it’s piling up in a digital landfill on your site.

Auditing your content is just as important as creating new content! Join our June 24th webinar and hear experts from Moz, Wordstream, Skyword, and Conductor weigh in on:

  • How content auditing can boost your content metrics and site health
  • When to delete, recycle, or create new content
  • Inspiring examples of revamped content
  • Tips and tricks on content auditing and upcycling

Download now for our lively discussion and expert tips on content auditing.

Charity Stebbins, ConductorIsla McKetta, MozElisa Gabbert, WordStreamTed Karczewski, Skyword
Charity Stebbins – Senior Content Strategist, ConductorIsla McKetta – Content Crafter, MozElisa Gabbert – Content Marketing Manager, WordStreamTed Karczewski – Content Marketing Manager, Skyword