To grow your mailing list, generate more quality leads and curate loyal customers, writing an ebook is the way to go. This guide to ebook publishing will show you how to build an ebook and establish a solid ebook strategy.

What Is an Ebook?

What is a digital book? An ebook or digital book is an electronic book you can read using a computer, ebook reader or other digital device. Just like hardcopy books, ebooks have pages that readers can turn. Pages can also be bookmarked or highlighted. Learning how to write an ebook is a little different than a physical book because you’ll need to think about how your audience is viewing your content. Our guide to writing an ebook will cover this so you know exactly what to do.

What Is Ebook Format?

Format-wise, ebooks are generally in PDF form (portable document file) and can be easily downloaded or sent to users. This means they cannot be edited once created and sent to a reader. Some other common formats include:

  •     EPUB: (Electronic Publication)
  •     ODF: (Open Document Format)
  •     AZW: An ebook file designed for Kindle
  •     IBA: Used for books written in iBook author

Ebook Best Practices: Pre-Launch Guide

When considering how to write an ebook, follow some ebook best practices. Bear in mind that the ebook’s aim is to generate leads, so choosing a relevant topic is vital for the best results. 

How to Start Writing an Ebook: Identify Your Lead’s Journey

Ask yourself what your lead wants and needs. Do they have pain points you can address? The ebook’s purpose is to take them from interest to action and commit to making a purchase.

Keyword Choice: Understanding Searcher Intent

  •     What does your audience need? 
  •     What are they searching for? 
  •     What keywords are they using?

Landing Page First: Conduct Competitive Research and Clarify Pain Points

Conducting competitive research is a must. Look at competitor landing pages and take note of any keywords they use that resonate with your brand or company. 

  •     Competitive Research: Identify what language and CTAs you need on your landing page to convince your leads to download your ebook.
  •   Clarify Pain Points: Consider what your leads want and make sure your landing page addresses this need.
  •     Identify Your Informational Keywords: Question words such as “how,” “what” and “when” help leads find information to support their buying decision.

Your Landing Page with Long Tail Keywords

Longtail keywords make up around 70% of all web searches and can help you rank higher organically by identifying every question searchers will ask.

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

Knowing your USP will put you ahead of competitors by allowing you to utilize specific keywords and recognize customer pain points. Generating ebook leads is easier with this information in play. 

Entering the Research Phase

To create relevant, engaging content, research what topics are of interest to your audience and identify any pain points your service can solve. Conducting research includes reading niche forums, industry-specific news sites and using an SEO platform to zero in on content themes and search traffic trends. 

Ebook Best Practices: Creation Guide

The best way to write an ebook is to create organized, targeted content while adhering to helpful ebook design tips. Using ebook development tools can help you create ebook design ideas that capture the right message for your brand.

  1.   Have a Table of Contents: This helps the reader see at a glance how the ebook is structured and allows them to quickly access a specific chapter.
  2.   Make Sure Your Ebook Works to Accomplish Your Marketing Goals: Be sure to keep content relevant, focused and on point.
  3.   Write Your Ebook with Your Target Audience in Mind: Use language and topics your ideal client relates to.
  4.   Keep Your Ebook Copy Clear and Consistent: Pinpoint keywords and phrases to drive home the message of your ebook.

The Right Ebook Tools

Ebook creation software will enable you to create and publish your ebook, encapsulating your ebook design ideas. Follow these ebook design tips:

  •     Use the Right Colors: Consider what emotions or correlations colors have and choose accordingly to represent your brand.
  •     Add Good Imagery to Your Ebook: From cover art to thumbnails, infographics to photographs, research the best imagery to reflect your message. 

Add a Final CTA Within Your Ebook

Don’t forget to include a last CTA in your ebook to prompt the reader into signing up.

Create a Landing Page for Your Ebook

Now you’ve written your ebook, creating a dedicated, eye-catching landing page is essential for attracting leads and ensuring multiple downloads. 

Ebook Best Practices: Launch Guide

The ebook production process has led to this moment, and you’re now researching how to launch an ebook. Building anticipation and intrigue on your website or social media pages are some first steps to having a successful ebook launch. Gain momentum by starting a conversation with customers. Hold a Q&A forum to spark interest and awareness and promote the launch on multiple social media platforms.

Ebook Best Practices: Promotion Guide

You’ll now be wondering how to promote your ebook online and searching “promote ebook” to find some novel ideas. When it comes to ebook advertising, places to promote your ebook include:

  •     Social Media Posts: Leveraging influencer involvement can reach new leads. Include additional tactics such as social teasers, pinning a tweet and paid promotions.
  •     Email Nurture Campaign: Targeted emails based on your lead’s behavior that guides them through the buying process will yield greater results.
  •     On Your Blog: Including a clickable CTA within your blog content is an easy and subtle promotion tactic.
  •     Industry-Focused Newsletters: With a ready-made target audience, this is the perfect promotional platform for your ebook.

Don’t forget to leverage repeated promotion. Still wondering where to promote your ebook? Set up a drip email campaign for current clients and have a bold CTA on your website and social media channels to lure in new leads. 

Now you have a better idea of how to create, launch and promote an ebook, using the services of an SEO platform will enable you to take lead generation to a new level.

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