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Internet Retailer 500 Companies with In-house SEOs Jump by 24% in Seven Months

We recently wrapped up our annual data analysis project for Internet Retailer Magazine’s Top 500 Guide. Using internal and external data sources, we evaluated the holistic SEO effectiveness of the top 500 internet retailers from a metrics, resource and tactics perspective (more details about the methodology can be found in our post on How to Evaluate SEO Effectiveness).

While wrapping up the analysis on the 2011 group, we spent some time looking over the data for the 2010 group. To evaluate the firm’s commitment to SEO from a resource perspective, we search ‘LinkedIn’ for employees of the company with ‘SEO’ in their job title.  We gathered last year’s data in April 2010 and then repeated the process in November 2010 to measure change over time.  In looking through the data, I realized I had never published the findings from the repeat analysis so here goes:

In the seven months from April to November of 2010, the number of Internet Retailer 500 companies with at least one SEO professional in-house increased by 24%:

Internet Retailer 500 SEO resources

Overall, 46% of the internet retailer 500 had more SEO professionals in November 2010 compared to April:

Internet Retailer 500 Percent Change

We believe this move to dedicated SEO resources represents a maturation of the industry; an increased focus by marketers on SEO as a customer acquisition and brand development channel and a broader industry shift to resources, metrics and technology.  For more information on this topic see our post On the Maturation of the SEO Industry.

What are you seeing in terms of resource allocation in the SEO industry?

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