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Time Savings from SEO Page Analysis: Announcing New Recommendations Dashboard in Conductor

A sneak peak at a study we will be publishing next month shows that three quarters of search marketers audit their pages significantly less than once a week.

The reason that most of these professionals cite? Time and Scale. The burden on the SEO practitioner to optimize pages at the scale of millions, not hundreds has grown significantly, however resources are not seen nearly as fast an uptick.

Our SEO technology platform, Conductor, is pioneering the automation of page auditing for enterprise SEO’s with the provision of accurate and actionable recommendations. It relieves the pressure on an SEO to conduct manual page and site reviews, and scales page auditing across limitless volumes of keywords. The result is that the SEO can focus their time on implementing recommendations and growing their share of search.

If you’re curious on just how effective this strategy can be – you just have to look at this Secondmarket case study we recently published. By leveraging Conductor’s SEO Platform Recommendation engine, SecondMarket was able to implement on-page changes to site pages that had a substantial impact on keyword visibility. In addition, SecondMarket was able to precisely track the impact of the changes in the search results pages with Searchlight’s Categories feature. The increased visibility resulted in a sizeable traffic lift to pages on which the recommendations were implemented. In the five months after on-page changes began, traffic to the landing pages on which Searchlight’s recommendations were implemented experienced a 33% lift over non-recommendation pages.

Today, Conductor is launching the Insights Stream Recommendations Dashboard—making is even simpler for search marketers to filter, prioritize and implement site wide recommendations.

The Insight Stream Recommendations Dashboard Helps You:

–       Easily identify issues with templates

  • Filter by the URL column to display a particular directory or group of pages. This enables you to quickly find the most common issues occurring across pages that use the same template. By making the change to the template, you can potentially correct issues across many pages at once.

–       Quickly determine which page changes may give you the best ROI

  • Use the Filter By Best ROI button. This will display those Recommendations that apply to keyword/URL combinations that have high search volume and are ranking on page 1 or 2 of Google. This quickly provides a list of those Recommendations that, if implemented, may show the highest ROI.

–       Target keywords in a specific categories

  • Use Filter by Category. This filter provides a way to address issues in a particular collection of keywords (e.g., Branded Terms, Top Revenue Terms, etc.). Be sure you’re taking full advantage of Categories in Searchlight to be able to use this filter effectively!

–       Increase the potential for higher click-through rates (CTRs) for high-volume keywords

  • Sort the Search Volume column and implement Recommendations for those keywords with the highest search volume to have the greatest impact on CTRs.

If you are a current Conductor customer you can take advantage of these new features right now by logging in, and clicking on the recommendations button.

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