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The Unoptimized SEO 2: Infographic Style!

Recently, we released a study on the missed opportunity in natural search due to SEO professionals neglecting on-page auditing. The Unoptimized SEO 2—How Manual Tasks Sabotage the Potential of Natural Search Marketers report found the majority of SEOs audit their pages once every two weeks – while web pages are actually changing at least once per week.

To gauge the potential impact of mature technology on on-page auditing as a tactic, we surveyed SEO professionals’ attitudes and behaviors about on-page auditing. We ran several experiments with auditing varying numbers of pages manually, using semi-automatic on-page auditing software, and with an SEO platform to measure the potential time savings an SEO platform gives the SEO professional.

Today we are excited to release a follow-up to the study – an infographic summarizing the key findings from the Unoptimized SEO 2. Be sure to download the full study to gain a complete picture on SEO professionals’ on-page auditing attitudes.

Unoptimized SEO Infographic: On-Page Auditing

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