Google Encrypted Traffic Percentage by Individual Website

In response to our post detailing what we are seeing so far in terms of Googles recent encrypted traffic change, one of Conductor’s twitter followers tweeted at us to ask if we could post the data by individual website rather than aggregated together.

Ask and ye shall receive:

chart showing the change in site traffic after google SSL encryption search change




The data shows a very tight grouping, with 4 of the 5 sites staying within half a percentage point of each other throughout the time period analyzed. Site 2, the site that deviated from the rest, maintained a lower percentage of encrypted traffic, peaking at 2.5% on Wednesday, November 2nd.

Note that 2 of the 5 sites analyzed were online retailers while 3 of the 5 were service providers.

How are things looking so far for your website?

One Response to Google Encrypted Traffic Percentage by Individual Website

  1. Will says:

    We’ve seen the same spike. Our agency site is around 30 percent and client sites are hovering in the 4 to 20 percent range.