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3 Reasons You Should Nominate Conductor for the #Crunchies

It’s been an exhilarating year here at Conductor and we’re excited to write that we’ve been nominated for several of Techcrunch’s Crunchies awards. We need your help to make the finalist round, so here’s 3 reasons you should consider taking a moment to vote for us.

1. One small step for Conductor is one giant leap for SEO.

While many startups seek to ‘disrupt’ an industry, here at Conductor we’ve been developing an entirely new industry.  Searchlight helps make the case for Fortune 500 companies and Top 5 agencies to invest in both people and technology to build a better web presence. Most recently, our CEO Seth was interviewed in the New York Times, putting SEO in the headlines of one of the most widely read papers in the country.

2. Our record-shattering $20M Series C fundraising round this fall.

In addition to helping build an new industry, we’re also building a thriving company. At the beginning of this month, we announced the largest investment ever made in SEO – investments like our Series C are pushing the needle forward on SEO technology.

3. Support the burgeoning  New York Tech scene.

Developing the growing New York City technology scene means better technology and more innovation for everyone, regardless of where you fall between the two coasts.

How to Help:vote conductor for the crunchies

Voting takes just a few seconds and only requires a click from you – we’ve already done the heavy lifting! Please vote for all three:

Spread the word: tweet: "I nominated @Conductor for the #crunchies. Here's 3 reasons why you should too: #nytech"

So please vote now, and vote often. And thank you! We can’t do this without you.

In case you’re not familiar: the Crunchies are the annual startup awards given out by Techcrunch. Nominations are free and submitted by the community – one vote is allowed per IP address per day. Voting ends December 6th. More information about the Crunchies


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